In the Christopher Nolan The Dark Knight Trilogy of adaptations, Alfred is played by famed British Actor Michael Caine. Eventually, the Manor was rebuilt using debris from the previous one and now resembled a Scottish castle with it's own cannon. He was supposedly related to Barbara Wilson, who became Batgirl in the Batman & Robin movie. Bruce checks on Shondra's past and finds out about a man named Benedict Asp. He was arguably the best villain within the X-Men universe as William Stryker and was the first man to step into the shoes of Hannibal Lector in Manhunter.Being a British actor, he is always going to be suggested as one of the actors who can play Alfred Pennyworth, and he could easily handle it, too. Following the murders of the Wayne Family, Alfred was named Bruce's legal guardian in the will left by Thomas and Martha, however, social services combated the will feeling that Bruce should not be raised by a servant. In addition he was Bruce's legal guardian following the deaths of his parents. Alfred and all those close to Bruce begin to become worried about his obsession, but it is too late as the Black Glove initiate a mental trigger within Bruce's mind leaving him incapacitated. Your favorite teams, topics, and players all on your favorite mobile devices. However, after Batman's back was broken by Bane, Alfred stabilized Bruce's condition due to the severity of Batman's injuries. And he knows how to use them. It was revealed in Detective #356 (October 1966) that he had been revived by a scientist named Brandon Crawford. Alfred's mother approved of Alfred's decision of becoming an actor. Always prepared, Bruce tells Alfred to enact a safety protocol called "Babel Five," based on information he learned of Jones from Checkmate's files. Alfred eventually took Tommy back to the prison that was specially designed for him. From Alan Napier to Michael Gough, each of them have added their own unique spin on an already iconic character. Alfred Pennyworth is the butler of Bruce Wayne. However, Bruce managed to remain in Alfred's care by, despite his young age, bribing the social service agent into allowing Alfred to raise him. We'll never pass along your email address to spammers, scammers, or the like. He then rests on his bed and thinks about a the women he has met, Catwoman, Talia, and Poison Ivy, and how something keeps distancing them from him like Talia torn between her father and him. After Damian is wounded by a bullet fired by a renegade Jason Todd, Alfred tends to his wounds, fashions him a Robin suit and sends him out, along with Squire, to find Tim, who had been defeated and captured by Jason. Unpleased with Alfred's response, Hurt hits him with a champagne bottle, and leaves him in the Batcave as the Black Glove's "party" migrates to Arkham Asylum. Alfred left England to serve the Wayne Family. Your privacy is safe with us. That’s right, actor Jack Bannon has stepped stepping into those big shoes in Epix’s Pennyworth, – a gritty adaptation of the character’s origins that delves into his life long before he began serving The World’s Greatest Detective. Batman almost falls to the ground since he was strapped to a flag pole the entire time and was burning with pain even then. Dick at first wants to call himself the 'Hood'. Following the Infinite Crisis however it appears that Alfred's history has been merged to combine both his pre and post-Crisis histories. Sure, Alfred was hesitant to help Bruce when he first took up the cowl and became Batman, but now whenever Batman's out in the field, Alfred is there in the Batcave providing support.. RELATED: The 10 Most Savage Things That The Batman Who Laughs Has Done But Alfred is so much more than just a butler. Furthermore, Andy Serkis will also be stepping into those shoes in Matt Reeves’ 2021 blockbuster The Batman. My son has died." Pennyworth Season 1 Gallery, Photo Courtesy Epix, GOTHAM: Sean Pertwee in the “The Beginning…” series finale episode of GOTHAM airing Thursday, April 25 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. He says to them, "Take care of the boy". Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016). Alfred later denies the entire story, agreeing with Bruce that it was a fabrication. Alfred Pennyworth last edited by Alfred had two origins: One was that he raised Bruce Wayne since his parents were murdered and the second was that he came into Bruce Wayne's life after Bruce had adopted Dick. No, sir. In this TV adaptation Alfred is portrayed by Ian Abercrombie and helps out Barbara and Helena in the Clock Tower every now and again. Dick Grayson tracks him down several months later and convinces him to return to Wayne Manor. Alfred has also been romantically linked to Dr. Leslie Thompkins, though his relationship with her never came to anything beyond occasional dates, particularly after Stephanie Brown's death. This look has remained with the character ever since. Batman / Batman Returns / Batman Forever / Batman and Robin. 09:58AM Unbeknownst to them both, this would be the last few moments the two would spend together for some time. Despite declining, the Court managed to cause a car accident that caused the child to be born prematurely and eventually to have died. He is voiced by Jeff Bennett. When Bruce returned from time and death, he took up the guise of Insider for a short time. He set the look of Alfred for all comics and other media since. Alarmed at Jones' presence in the Batcave, Bruce throws Batarangs at the detective. Later on, in Gotham City, members from a street gang races through a sewer on a motorcycle, fleeing from a robbery which causes the Batman and Nightwing to intervene. Clark lied, saying it was his butler, but Bruce knew it was Barbara, saying that Alfred would never reveal Bruce's position to anyone. Going to check on the body, Alfred finds it missing, and immediately tells Damian, who was left behind due to a spinal injury, about what has happened. Yet, before she can suggest someone else to help, the Dark Knight breaks contact. Wayne slaps the hand away and gets to his feet on his own. How? He helps Batman out in a robotic Batman suit by attempting to stall Lobo long enough for Batman. Alfred was a former military surgeon and knows his stuff. Alfred retrieves a flamethrower from a weapons locker and fires it in Jones' direction. However, Shondra's mind then regressed back to childhood. Alfred was asleep and Bruce did not want to wake him. Putting on his Batman cowl, he steps to the Batmobile and tells Jones he has a crime scene to show him. Before Bruce heads to the cave, he takes the time to simply thank his oldest friend. He never played the big a role in the movies and was mostly just along as a supporting character and to give out a few supportive lines and sarcastic comic relief. Later, a secret panel in Alfred's room opens, the result of a failsafe planted by Bruce in the event of his death. However, the man was killed by Intergang hired killers, The Prankster and Mr.