Enjoy a bit of creative fun by playing around with the toppings. This cake, jewelled with blueberries is equally at home as a dessert or teatime treat, the crunchy crumble top and creamy yoghurt and lemon sauce work together perfectly and is lower in fat than many alternatives. If you use a baking spread it will just make the buttercream far too soft and runny. To prepare the crumble simply use your fingers and rub the chilled butter through the flour and sugar till you have small lumps of butter, sugar and flour mixed together. It appears that you have disabled your Javascript. We love a good cake and this apple and blueberry crumble cake hits all the notes. 3 To make crumble combine flour, almonds and sugar in a bowl. This is completely up to you. I want to spend a lot of time with my family and that means less time in the kitchen. Mix together the yoghurt, lemon zest and blueberries and serve with generous slices of the cake. In the buttercream however, you must use unsalted butter. If you want to adapt this recipe to work for your restrictions, you totally can! Peel and cut your apples roughly into ¼-½-inch (1cm) cubes and add to your mixture. This is a great dessert and I would have surely eaten  a lot more had it not been for the individual servings. BONUS: Sign up today and receive your free Starter Kit! You will want to add about 30-50% more flour to make up for it. However, I tried to add in notes about imperial measurements and substitutions where needed. This cake will be next. Place your second cake on top and again cover the top of the cake with buttercream. If you didn’t want to use fresh blueberries you could use blueberry jam or coulis instead. Too easy! I love the crumble on top of the cake, what a great idea and also I love you didn’t completely frost the cake. The batter for apple, blueberry cake with crumble and almonds is quite thin. Note that Sarah is based in the UK, so she may use some measurements and terms that are less familiar around here! Bake cake for about 48-55 minutes, or until a thin-bladed knife inserted into the centre of the cake comes out without any batter attached. Add to apple slices and mix to coat slices. In a large bowl, whisk together the sugar and butter until light and fluffy. https://www.goodtoknow.co.uk/recipes/blueberry-and-apple-cake On Twitter, I love following Sarah for her delicious-sounding desserts and stunning cakes. Nutrition composition will vary depending on the exact ingredients used. Finally sprinkle with the demerara sugar and bake in the oven for 45 mins. You could also use a combination of both sugars too if you would prefer, for example, 150g (3/4 cups) of each. This is absolutely gorgeous!!! Add the apples to a baking dish and sprinkle the blueberries … Almonds, crumble and sugar create the topping covering a thick layer of sliced and spiced apples atop a rich butter cake swimming with blueberries. Add the egg and mix until well incorporated then add in sour cream and vanilla and mix again, for half a minute. Add your blueberries also and fold them in. This one’s definitely a winner for me. I now have a blueberry bush and love picking the fresh berries and baking with then. Step 1 – Make the Apple and Blueberry Crisp Filling Place the peeled and sliced apple into a medium saucepan along with the rest of the filling ingredients (except for the blueberries). https://www.slumberandscones.com/apple-and-blueberry-crumble-cake Check that the cake is fully baked with a skewer before removing from the oven (Insert skewer to centre of cake if it comes out clean it’s done, if not bake for a further 5 mins and try again) Top with the apple slices evenly and scatter over the almonds and blueberries Finally sprinkle with the demerara sugar and bake in the oven for 45 mins. Visit Miss Foodie's profile on Pinterest. Line the base of a 20cm-round springform cake tin with baking paper. I am not a massive fan of cinnamon so I didn’t want a super strong flavour. Serve with a dollop of fresh cream for morning or afternoon tea. I love just about anything with a crumble topping, and this sounds divine! 2 To make filling, combine 1/3 cup apple juice with cornflour and mix well. Decorate with the remaining crumble and blueberries. In a bowl add all the ingredients and rub together using your fingers until it starts to form a crumbly texture. You also don’t need to use light brown sugar you could use caster sugar instead or a combination of the two sugars.