But there is a solution to every problem. But it becomes a matter to think when there is a problem of sufficient space to adjust the oven in the kitchen. Then, with six toaster ovens ready to go in our test kitchen, I set out to put them to the test to try to find the best toaster oven. Firstly, check the precise small toaster oven dimensions. Tech, social media, porn, video games. Height: 8.75 inches | Width: 16 inches | Depth: 14.25 inches. The easy to use control panel has rotatory knobs and a sliding lever to adjust the shade of browning and other functionalities. This is a safety hazard and could cause injury to a user instantly, Attractive to look at and efficient in terms of energy, The wire/tray rack is fixated and cannot be removed. It has a timer and analog dials. Of course, you pay for the quality; their products are on the higher end of the price range, but you get best-of-the-best. A rare thing for toaster ovens, the Dash comes in four colors to match your kitchen color palate. Like other Breville appliances, this one is loaded with features such as a suggested cooking times for a variety of food items, convection oven, interior light and slow cook option. It makes our list because the few reviews it does have are overall positive and it’s sub 12 inches in depth. Because of this discrepancy, we place this unit at the bottom of our height list. If you don’t have much clearance space, this short toaster oven is a great choice. Hamilton Beach calls this model the Toastation® Toaster & Oven. This one does all three and it won’t break the bank to do so. All toaster ovens provide you with at least a single wire rack, and a majority of larger toaster ovens deliver two wire racks. The combo feature is great because it’s a space-saving feature so you don’t have to have a separate toaster taking up space in your kitchen. When it comes to temperature control, you can set the temperature on the dial. It’s also different in that it’s all white, which veers from the usual stainless steel and black toaster ovens. The contoured knobs make it easy to adjust temperature settings with greasy fingers. Chaotic neutral. With a maximum 30 minute cooking time, it can accommodate most dishes and appetizers. The small compact toaster oven uses a 60-minute timer and features an automatic shut-off function where it shuts down without manual input after it has been used. The classic stainless steel unit will look good in most kitchens, big or small. You just need a nice, compact toaster oven that handles quick heating and the firing up some bread. How Often Should You Clean Your Garbage Disposal? If you buy something using a link on this page, Forbes may receive a small share of that sale. FYI, this Proctor-Silex and the above Hamilton Beach models are the only sub-10 inch deep toaster ovens. We generally lookout for this factor is the major one while buying a convection oven as our sole purpose to invest in a toaster is to reduce the time of cooking. You can see that the user interface is more complicated than the simple dial variety. Bagel, toast, bake, broil, pizza, roast, cookies and reheat all enhanced by smart-element IQ technology that transfers heat across four quartz elements. There’s an auto-shut off at the 30 minute mark, but you can opt to cook longer if necessary. Additional broiling, baking, roasting pans are what enables these tiny units to act the same way as both a toaster and an oven. It becomes havoc if you struggle to use the control panel and get confused and irritated by your oven that you no more feel to use it. With respect to depth, this is the shallowest toaster oven we discovered in our research with a short depth of only 9 inches. We then decided to break up our list into the shortest, narrowest and shallowest. Question everything. Due to it’s compact size and it’s low price, this is a very popular model that’s also well rated by hundreds of customers. You can place this toaster oven on the countertop due to its small yet compact size wherein its interior curved area offers space for a 9-inch pizza plate and 4 slices of bread, as mentioned. You may opt-out by. Does this Small Toaster Oven get hot on the outside? Four-Slice Toaster Oven by Proctor-Silex, 9. In addition to making our shortest list, this small Cuisinart toaster oven also makes the shallowest list, which like the Oster and Proctor-Silex units above, makes it one of the most compact toaster ovens available. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. The small frame can fit even on a cramped countertop or you could keep it just above your refrigerator. The Breville BOV450XL small toast oven has 4 quartz 1800 watt heating elements since it makes use of the Element IQ technology. Can both the toaster and oven be used at the same time? From toasting, roasting to baking and broiling, a convection oven also offers to cook pizza, potatoes, chicken nuggets, frozen snacks, and much more. Using a convection oven will result in a raised electricity bill. What’s unique about this small stainless steel toaster oven is that it embeds an entirely digital control panel that provides you with accurate time and heat adjustments. Related: Stove Alternatives | Types of Stoves | How Does a Pellet Stove Work?