In approaching each toaster, we judged whether the machines' controls were practical and comprehensive. Those who want a toaster that can accommodate large slices of bread. For our white bread test, we toasted three back-to-back rounds of Wonder bread slices to see how consistent the toast was from model to model and batch to batch. The top-of-the-line Breville model is powered with 1800 and can be set to "toast," "a bit more," "bagel," or "defrost" via an illuminated LED side panel. If you're willing to sacrifice some of the little luxuries, it's still entirely possible to get a reliable, everyday option for the price of a few boxes of Pop-Tarts. In addition to the above settings, there is a Cancel button that stops the process mid-cycle. Get the best deals straight in your inbox. Before toasting, we held each machine in our hands and watched how sturdily it sat on the counter: ones that wobbled or squeaked lost some points. For many people buying a toaster can be more complicated than you think. If you're looking for a more affordable option that performs nearly as well as the Breville, go for the Bella Pro Series or the Oster. The Quick 30 Seconds button present on the toaster is perfect when you are in a hurry to prepare your breakfast. The Lift and Look will allow you to check the progress midway. Signe said, “It’s easy to clean, looks great, and has well-designed buttons. The extra-deep slots result in precise and perfect browning that covers the entire bread slice evenly. The 4-slice toaster is suitable for big families and for those who want to prepare toasts for several people. Shares. The knob’s settings are accurate, meaning that setting the dial to 3 will produce toast that’s not too dark and not too light. Overall, a great toaster to make your morning toast. The Black + Decker T2707S 2-Slice Toaster left slices of toast soft and pallid. It also includes a recipe book with the purchase which gives you thousands of free recipes. The lifting lever is also excellent. Motorized levers lift up the bread with the touch of a button. Can it defrost frozen items without over-toasting them. The toaster is made of stainless steel and has 1.6 inches wide slots that enable the toasting of different types of food such as waffles, muffins, and bagels. The key feature of this toaster is that you can always watch your bread while it’s in the toaster. The second one, the toaster’s namesake “A Bit More” button, lets you add a 30-second follow-up round to finish any underdone toast. Like others on this list, the company would like to remind you that there is a chemical smell to this toaster and to use it without bread first until the smell dissipates. We didn’t like that you could really wiggle the dial of the Hamilton Beach Classic Chrome 2 Slice Toaster or the Black + Decker T2707S 2-Slice Toaster. It costs significantly more than our two-slice upgrade pick and doesn’t offer many additional features. The Geek Chef 4-slice toaster comes with 6-level settings and also has an automatic pop-up feature. One of the Best 2-Slice Toaster 2021. We were impressed by the design and functionality of this device. Those who want a 4-slice toaster that looks good and toasts the perfect bread, muffin or waffles. These are self-centering slots and are capable of toasting different types of bread such as bagels, buns or English muffins and thicker slices of home-made bread. From a pure design standpoint, we initially leaned toward the long-slot toasters in our lineup, which can pack more slices into a slimmer space and are great if you have a small kitchen or clutter is a problem. The built-in warming rack keeps the toasted bread warm. This means that the toaster has a hard time toasting your bread evenly. There are two different slot pairs. Although this setting browns a bagel better than a regular toasting cycle, the Brevilles’ thoughtfully designed, side-specific bagel setting produces a better bagel with a crisp cut edge and a chewy middle. This makes the bagel toast the way it should be. It lacks extra features like reheat, lift& see, or the luxury of glass panels. It also has a high lift lever for easy and safe retrieval of toasted items without the risk of burning your fingers. It also includes neat cord storage to keep the countertop looking tidy. So, you can choose the right product for your needs easily. Besides, it looks amazing and offers superior reliability due to the usage of stainless steel. There are 3 settings – bagel, frozen and pastry. This is a 2-slice toaster that can give you bread toasted to crispy perfection. When a summer heat wave hits and you want to cook, the right gear can make all the difference between a sweltering kitchen and a reasonably cool one. We also tested the $250 Magimix by Robot Coupe, which has glass sides that allow you to watch your bread turn to toast. If you love bagels, look for one that has a dedicated bagel mode. If you follow social media like Instagram, you will see hundreds of inventive and slightly over the top toast recipes. Both the front and backside of the toaster is made of glass. The slots of the Nostalgia toaster are larger than normal ones. Some people like a simple toaster at a reasonable price. The overall design language of the toaster is very modern and unique. Those who want a toaster for toasting bread as well as for reheating, defrosting and toasting frozen waffles, refrigerated bagels and so on. You can purchase accessories such as a sandwich rack and bun warmer to go with this toaster. The “Lift and Look” button automatically raises the toast just long enough for you to check the doneness, and the “A Bit More” option adds 30 seconds more to the toasting time. It is a slide-out tray that is placed along the entire bottom of the toaster, enabling quick and convenient dumping of the crumbs. Annoying? In total, there are 5 settings with a range to suit all types of bread toasting. Design and aesthetic If you are looking for a fancy toaster and willing to spend extra bucks, you will love this toaster. The LED display illuminates according to the setting for different browning shades. The long power cord enables greater reach and after use, the cord can be conveniently stowed away at the bottom. For California residents, you will need to be sure to understand that there is a proposition 65 warning to be aware of. We tested the frozen modes on the toasters using blueberry Eggo waffles. The Krups KH732D Breakfast Set did poorly in just about all of our tests. The feet of the toaster are anti-slip and rest firmly on the counter. The slots are large, being 1.5 inches wide and 5.75 inches long. The only toasters that came close to fully compensating for this were our two Breville picks, which produced almost identical pieces of toast from the first to third batch. It also makes bread extra crisp and tasty. It operates with a single touch LED indicator button and the bread slice pops up automatically when the desired setting is reached. To narrow our selection of toasters to test, we interviewed experts like acclaimed baker and cookbook author Peter Reinhart and master toaster-refurbisher Michael Sheafe. Like most models we tested, however, you’ll need to increase the heat setting for bagels and English muffins. With a little bit of creativity, you can prepare muffins, toaster pastries and toast frozen pancakes and waffles as well. Moreover, since it has stainless steel construction, you can easily clean the outside of the toaster easily too. Large families need 4 slices of toasted bread at a time to save time. This mode turns the outer elements off, turning all the focus on the inner elements required for the toasting of the bagels. And neither Cuisinart felt hot to the touch, even after multiple rounds of toasting, as opposed to some of the metal toasters we tested. Pop-up toasters are known for being able to work with bagels and waffles if it has a defrost button. Hamilton is another popular choice of toasters. It couldn’t keep the bread in the slot without popping it up. The bagel mode is designed in a way that the outer side of the bagel is crispier, and the insides are juicy. The toasting capability of this toaster is phenomenal, it offers superior toasting performance. Top 9 Best 2-Slice Toasters In 2020 Reviews. Both sides of the bread are toasted evenly. There is a lever to push the bread down. It includes a drop-down crumb tray which offers users an easy time cleaning up. If you have any questions, suggestions for future reviews or spot anything that has changed in price or availability please get in touch at Your email address will not be published. You can use the bagel function, which simply turns off the outer elements. The look is aesthetic and matches with all types of kitchen decor. It’s effortless to clean the toaster using a crumb tray instead of turning the toaster upside down. Those who are satisfied with a one-slot toaster that is effective and reasonably priced. It’s handy. Due to that fact, you won’t have room on your counter for a big toaster. However, unlike the rest of the toasters on the list, it offers a simple tip to fix that problem. Cheap, lightweight plastic actually pulled away from the metal sides when we handled it, and the dinky knob felt like it could come off in my hand. And after the preset time.