In this article at, toxicologist James H. Woods, PhD, of the department of environmental and occupational health sciences at University of Washington says that while he is not aware of any health issues related to eating food made in rusted pans, why would you take the risk? I can send you a photo, of course, if that’s necessary. Though you’ve mentioned its a new sink, I’m wondering if its not the grey/black residue common on new SS cookware. Those spots grow in the interior of my old all-clad MC2 stockpot. The chromium in the steel combines with oxygen in the air to form a thin, invisible layer of chromium oxide which makes the material passive and prevents the air from further reacting with the metals. Another option of course is Bar Keepers Friend. ! It won’t come clean, so I assume the issue is damage to the pan’s metal coating. Try vinegar with baking soda – cover the stain with vinegar and sprinkle baking soda. 14 Reasons to Give In to Color, 12 Items Worth a Spot on Your Kitchen Counter, Guest Picks: Details for a Classic White Kitchen, Please help! I’d suggest cleaning with a SS cleaner like Bar Keepers Friend. Chromium reacts with oxygen in the air to form a thin layer of chromium oxide on the surface. This is to promote even distribution of heat. Any other suggestions? , we are always happy to hear from our customers! Viola! No matter the layering, food left in a pan for a long time can burn. As far as I know, the Chromium in SS forms a new protective layer immediately on the surface so the pan is good to use. We’re treating it with nothing other than due respect, lest it should get worse. . If you have a question or concern about stainless steel stains. Granite is too high maintenance in a sink. Unlike dish soaps, Bar Keeper's Friend comes in powder form. Have I worn the steel off pan? I use the Finish power tabs....they have the spot reducer (Jet Dry) in the need for vinegar or anything else. Not sure what the black spots would be since a knife wouldn’t cause pitting. What is important, however, is that Bar Keeper's Friend eventually gets your stainless steel cookware looking great again. While it seems that some stains on stainless steel cookware are inevitable, here are some final words of caution: Disclosure: I get commissions for purchases made through links in this post. What do I do? You are in the kitchen preparing a wonderful meal and something distracts you. Rust is basically oxidized iron and is only harmful if your body is unable to remove iron effectively. Leave for a few mins and then scrub with a cloth or sponge. I went back to Finish- but the marks remain. I figured out why some of my glasses were dirty, they were my milk glasses. I’d suggest trying all the cleaning methods outlined in the article above. Yesterday I was try out an electrical burner I purchased so I could now do my dyeing in the garage. Colorful kitchen appliances are popular again, and now you've got more choices than ever. Thanks, Pingback: The best fully clad stainless steel cookware you can buy – Daily Program Newspaper. While it sounds like an oxymoron, the truth is that stainless steel, while one of the hardiest and most durable cookware materials, is not immune to staining. Do you have any advice on how to get rid of this please? Let the pan sit for 30 seconds to a minute, rinse, and check the results. Definitely get the SS dishwasher now, and change the others either as they die, or until you are so danged tired of the black you decide to change them. I just got a pot for home dyeing purposes and had a similar issue, just trying to boil plain water. If the stain is difficult to remove, turn the powder to a paste and leave for one minute. We have a new sink and drainer – not cookware but stainless steel – which acquired a grey stain in its first week: no idea why. Let us know here how it turned out. Ways to Clean Burnt Stainless Steel Cookware There are some most effective and easy ways to clean any brunt stainless steel pots or pans. Thanks! Some stainless steel has a brushed look made up of tiny lines in the metal; this is the grain of the finish. It will not degrade or be damaged, but proper cleaning will get the pan back to its optimal performance capability. Here are a few common stainless steel stains: Rainbow discoloration, otherwise known as heat tint, is the ugly rainbow pattern that develops inside the pan (or stainless cooktops and sinks!) As I research more and more, the selections and details of each sink, start to mimic each other. Sprinkle some baking soda, add some vinegar, leave for a few minutes and then scrub off. I’m going to go into deeper detail for those interested in a more scientific explanation, myself included! I’ll go as far as to admit that I once might actually have thrown out a perfectly good SS frying pan for that very reason! Cleaned out and repeated. So there you have it – the most common stains on stainless steel and how to remedy them. I used that DW cleaner stuff last month so I know the machine is clean- and it was recently serviced. X. hi Julian, try something like Bar Keepers friend or even baking soda and vinegar to clean it. How to remove white calcium deposits on your stainless steel pans? To clean a pan, sprinkle a bit of … Which would you choose? To remove the discoloration dots, you can follow the same steps we discussed for the rainbow discoloration, and that should work well. My almost new Scanpan stainless steel saucepans have some pitting on the base – but they have not been subjected to being boiled ‘dry’ so what could be the cause? Here’s what quite a few users have experienced: They buy a new set of SS cookware and as expected, wash it with warm soapy water before the first use. It works like Bar Keepers friend so either should do. While the rainbow discoloration isn’t pretty, it has no ill effects on the pan’s performance or the food cooked in it. I have tried everything to rid all of my All Clad pieces of “heat tint”… vinegar,baking soda, tomato juice, BKS nothing not a thing works… I was told from All Clad it is a reaction from my LP gas! Required fields are marked *, , we understand how important it is to have the highest quality. 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