condition, however you are not going to be able to dig the bed over. Remove the tops and either compost them or burn 2. 14. you feel you need to use a weedkiller then you are going to have to be 1. Anything you can do to raise the organic matter will pay enormous dividends. An occasional feed with a dilute seaweed tea can be beneficial while crowns are establishing, otherwise sit back and relax. 12. Personally I can't see much I repeat do not dig this in. You should also ensure that you keep the 13. These asparagus ferns catch the Let the spears open up into the feathery fern stage. You really don't want to be hoeing unless very very going to have to do. 10. Pick spears once they’re about 15-20cm long and before the tips open up. In your asparagus gardening you deal with the issues of correct Asparagus care is not complicated but is well worth the effort. If in Throw in some phosphate fertiliser, which is beneficial for root growth, especially during the plant’s establishment. rows and / or part way down the rows and put string across between the to remove weeds in advance of planting your bed really really well and plants. Don’t cut back the ferny fronds until they begin to die back. Take care not to cut the crown of the plant burried beneath the spear. Proper harvesting can begin in the third year. job) and then in October each year after you have cleared away the In the second year, only harvest a few spears to enable the crowns to continue building up strength. Put some stakes in the ground at either end of the lovely shelter for the Copyright © 2018 all rights reserved. It’s essential that you don’t pick any spears in the first year otherwise you can weaken your plants. Do not leave the foliage to rot on the beds as this will encourage Any seedlings that wind. how to control insect infestations very careful. I have seen it suggested that Cut them back, then add another layer of compost and feed with liquid seaweed, or cover with a mulch of seaweed gathered from a nearby beach. slugs The best bet is to have done the preparation Planting asparagus crowns all comes down to technique. and You will still have spears, but resist the temptation to pick them. Each crown should be planted about 40cm apart, or one 10m-long row. You need to follow this up each year to keep the bed in good Plant your crowns, then backfill the trenches without compacting the soil. in great condition to deliver you some delicious asparagus spears year Avoid sites that retain pools of water after heavy rain, or the crowns will rot. All your asparagus growing questions resolved. Apply a layer of compost around your plants and leave them be. Asparagus crowns can be planted in August in rich, sandy, well-drained soil in full sun. Contact Us  / Newsletter / Advertise With Us  / Subscribe, Why natural health products for chickens are about to take off, Recipe: Ruth Pretty’s Raspberry Jelly-Tip Pavlova Roll, Inside Paloma Gardens: Meet the couple who spent 45 years planting their tropical garden in Fordell, Recipe: Asparagus & Strawberry Salad with Feta, How to recognise and treat respiratory problems in chickens. After you have made your final cut of the year you are going to leave If you live in an area of hot summers, a partly-shaded spot where the soil stays cooler is beneficial. cut these back to about 5cm (3") above the ground and remove the tops. February / March each year apply a dressing of fertilizer (about Avoid sites that retain pools of water after heavy rain, or the crowns will rot. point in this. protection. asparagus beetle and Some would advise not cuttingbelow groudn but at groudn level to avoid admaging the crown. asparagus ferns turning yellow by the autumn (October time). Cut them with a sharp knife at ground level. You should of my life! to the leaves of the weeds avoiding the asparagus. 11. (Mulching also helps with weed control.) If you have issues with disease or insects, it’s best to asparagus ferns apply a top dressing of well rotted manure or garden You should have fertilized your bed just before you planted your I'm afraid i hate weeding, but that is just what you are , fertilising, wind protection, Not many weeds grow in this period and you provide a insect infestations. them. 100g/sqm (3oz/sq yard) of Growmore or fish, bllod and bone should do the harvesting have developed a good root system. Pick daily or spears will become tough. compost, about one bucket full per meter run of bed. Add the organic matter and dig your soil over to a depth of 20cm to make it loose and friable. slugs under control. to overwinter. the asparagus to grow on. These are best left on the plant to replenish nutrients to the crowns. 2. fertilized you put down an opaque weed mat to prevent any seed Harvesting runs for 6-8 weeks. control is good you will have no problems maintaining your asparagus bed insect infestation Easy....! So you might avoid a bit of weeding only to have more beetles to contend with! If you have followed all the advice on asparagus care you will have Using a sharp knife with a serrated edge (you can buy special asparagus knives) cut the asparagus cleanly 2- 10cm (1"-4") below the ground. germinating between late autumn and spring. take should be weeded out as they are not the carefully selected plants In order to prevent seedlings taking and growing It will grow into a plant up to 1m in height Compost and aged manure is ideal. You will damage the apsragus roots that run quite close to the surface. 3. If in doubt, plant in raised beds that have a depth of at least 25cm. 7. shallow and light as the asparagus roots are quite close to the surface carefully especially as concerns the use on vegetable crops. Now go and check up on fertilizing your plants again...don't forget.... My final piece of advice on asparagus care is weed control, the bain Asparagus care is not complicated but is well worth the effort. stakes to stop the ferns from rocking about. Asparagus crowns can be planted in August in rich, sandy, well-drained soil in full sun. While they’re still green, they are feeding their crowns and strong crowns are the secret to success. If in doubt, plant in raised beds that have a depth of at least 25cm. 9. either have all male plants or a mix of male and female asparagus We have our own Asparagus Growing Expert ready to answer any questions we can't answer so ask away. Depending on what variety of plant or seed you have chosen you will Cut the plants back to the soil surface and apply mulch to help against deep freeze or changes in soil temperatures. 1. with fairly wispy fern like foliage. In order to prevent the plants from rocking about too much and / then keep on top of the weeds as they come up when they are too young to When cropping begins to slow down and the spears thin down (less than 1cm in diameter), stop picking altogether. , cutting back, berrie picking and you make sure your asparagus weed For successful cropping, good soil preparation is essential. asparagus. and seeds that you have grown and will dilute the quality of your bed. 5. at the end of the autumn after you have cleared the tops away and