I appreciate your help. Find your market worth with a report tailored to you, Degrees in the same industry as Bachelor's Degree, Computer Science (CS) & Engineering, ranked by salary, Bachelor of Arts and Science (BASc), Materials Science & Engineering, Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Microelectronic Engineering, Bachelor of Arts (BA), Electrical Engineering (EE), Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), Network Engineering, Master of Science (MS), Manufacturing Systems, Bachelor of Engineering (BEng / BE), Water Resources Engineering, Master of Engineering (MEng / ME), Power Systems, Master of Science (MS), Mechanical & Aeronautical Engineering, Bachelor of Engineering (BEng / BE), Paper Science, Master of Environmental Science (MESc), Environmental Engineering, Bachelor of Arts and Science (BASc), Petroleum Engineering, Bachelor of Engineering (BEng / BE), Biomechanics, Bachelor of Engineering (BEng / BE), Ceramic Engineering, Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA), Production Management, Bachelor of Science, Electrical Engineering (BSEE), Aerospace Engineering, Bachelor of Technology (BT / BTech), Industrial Engineering (IE), Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Biological Engineering, Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS / BApS), Aerospace Engineering. As previously announced, CC Forums is switching to a new look with enhanced features. Which alumni earn the most after graduation? The best people will tend to make a lot more money in software. Not only do these career paths boast lucrative salaries and stable job growth, but earning a degree in either field can pave the way for many different career options. I would rather read some other persons discussions than write my question n wait for some one to reply. Explore which educational path will help you work toward your dream career. Computer Science vs. Computer Engineering Job Outlook. I understand that Computer Engineering majors get a higher starting salary, but I cannot find a source that shows the mid-career salary or what the top 75% of workers earn. :P. Nways..other ppl find these discussions helpful too. The degree can also help professionals in both areas advance their career. This is hopefully correlated with a higher salary. As of now, CC Forums are available in read-only mode as the tea…, As previously announced, College Confidential is rolling out a redesigned forum experience that will provide visitors with a streamlined, intuitive a…, College Confidential. Answer: The major who has expertise and experience in the current hottest technology. I can help you find out what you should be paid. Please provide me with a link or an answer. We've got articles, videos and forum discussions that provide answers to all of your test prep, admissions and college search questions. There's a thread on this topic in the engineering majors forum. How much you make is much more dependent on how good you are then which of the two majors you choose. I appreciate your help.". The startin pay for CS is higher with just a BS dat is if u r among d gud. IrishJibber "So, what is the bottom lime?If money is of the upmost importance, which degree will I be better off with? They are both great majors, and many jobs can take either. It depends on how good you are. However, the increase in salary amount is slightly different. Though computer science and computer information systems both involve managing information, CS focuses on developing software that allows computers and other … There are many great career opportunities for graduates of degree programs in both computer science and computer engineering. Bachelor's Degree, Computer Science (CS) & Engineering. Computer engineering graduates might want to get a master’s degree in the field of computer engineering… Insights and guidance from experts that will smooth the path during your college admissions journey. Turbo considered a $20k pay cut per year for a job that was immense fun (biostatistics) at a university, low pressure, opportunity to publish, the academic staff life, etc.