Damn this is amazing thanks for sharing. Thus, generally, these island groups could be considered a part of Asia. Kazakhstan is also a transcontinental state by this definition, its West Kazakhstan and Atyrau provinces extending on either side of the Ural River. Two of the French territories are the inhabited overseas departments and regions of Réunion and Mayotte. All land claims south of 60°S latitude are held in abeyance by the Antarctic Treaty System. There are three overland boundaries subject to definition: While the isthmus between Asia and Africa and that between North and South America are today navigable, via the Suez and Panama canals, respectively, diversions and canals of human origin generally are not accepted on their own accord as continent-defining boundaries; the Suez Canal happens to traverse the isthmus between the Mediterranean Sea and Red Sea, dividing Asia and Africa. [23], The Turkish city Istanbul lies in on both sides of the Bosporus (one of the Turkish Straits), making it a transcontinental city. The northern part of the island functions as the unrecognized (except by Turkey) Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. This most notably includes the British Isles (part of the European continental shelf and during the Ice Age of the continent itself); the islands of the North Sea, the Baltic Sea, and the Mediterranean that are part of the territory of a country situated on the European mainland; the Azores on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, part of Portugal; and usually also the island states of Iceland (part of Norway and/or Denmark from 13th to early 20th centuries) and Malta. I don't know who John Arcadian is but he deserves a handshake and a blowjob. The Mediterranean island nation of Malta is about 81 km (50 mi) from the coast of Sicily in Europe - much closer than the 288 km (179 mi) distance to the closest African coast. Καὶ τῇ Εὐρώπῃ δὲ συνάπτει διὰ τοῦ μεταξὺ αὐχένος τῆς τε Μαιώτιδος λίμνης καὶ τοῦ Σαρματικοῦ Ὠκεανοῦ ἐπὶ τῆς διαβάσεως τοῦ Τανάϊδος ποταμοῦ. Akin to Cyprus, these small islets would nominally be considered Asian if only the continental shelf were used to define the boundary, ignoring historical and cultural influences on the boundary. The French territories lie within the Indian Ocean, and, consequently, are more dislocated from the principal boundary between the two continents. Three of these are administered by France, and three of these are administered by Spain. The South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands are closer to Antarctica than to any other continent. Similarly, James Bruce in 1835 published Travels through part of Africa, Syria, Egypt, and Arabia. Akin to Clipperton, the Desventuradas Islands and the Juan Fernández Islands are nominally associated with South America. In terms of associating its oceanic islands with either continent, the boundary is usually drawn between Greenland and Iceland and between Bermuda and the Azores' Grupo Ocidental (Western Group)—all other North Atlantic islands are continental. The usual line taken to divide Africa from Asia today is at the Isthmus of Suez, the narrowest gap between the Mediterranean and Gulf of Suez, the route today followed by the Suez Canal. To the south, the Kuma–Manych Depression was identified circa 1773 by a German naturalist, Peter Simon Pallas, as a valley that, once upon a time, connected the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea,[12][13] and subsequently was proposed as a natural boundary between continents. Less than 2% of Egyptian population live in the Sinai, and hence Egypt, even though technically transcontinental, is usually considered an African country entirely and not partly Asian. The continental shelf boundary separates the two island groups. Does anyone know how far apart Khorvaire and Xendrik are, or if I can find any to-scale world maps somehwere? Distance between countries, select a country to measure the distance from selected country to other countries. One formal means by which states are grouped into one specified continental area or another is by using the definition used for statistical purposes by the United Nations Statistics Division (UNSD):[29], According to UNSD, the aforementioned "assignment of countries or areas to specific groupings is for statistical convenience and does not imply any assumption regarding political or other affiliation of countries or territories". Easter Island, also known by its endonym Rapa Nui, is a territory of Chile, and is considered to be in Oceania, though politically it is associated with South America. This island is located in the Alboran Sea, 50 km (31 mi) north of the Moroccan coast and 90 km (56 mi) south of Spain. There are six definitive occurrences of territories unequivocally being a part of the African continent, but legally being administered by a European state. Press J to jump to the feed. We now have the distance that the continents are from each other, and ages for the bands of oceanic crust between them, so we can calculate a rate. The question was still treated as a controversy in geographical literature of the 1860s, with Douglas Freshfield advocating the Caucasus crest boundary as the best possible, citing support from various modern geographers.[14]. Same as every other time, distance, size, population or number in Eberron: as big as you need it to be. Virtually all atlases list Panama as a state falling entirely within North America and/or Central America.[37]. Distance between cities are now listed in Distance Between Cities by Country. The Kuma–Manych Depression (more precisely, the Manych River, the Kuma–Manych Canal and the Kuma River) remains cited less commonly as one possible natural boundary in contemporary sources. This will take you to the result page showing the distance between the countries with estimated airplane flight time. The island of Socotra may be considered African as it lies on its shelf, but is part of Yemen, an Asian country. As geographic knowledge of the Greeks increased during the Hellenistic period,[7] this archaic convention was revised, and the boundary between Europe and Asia was now considered to be the Tanais (the modern Don River). But maps produced during the 16th to 18th centuries tended to differ in how to continue the boundary beyond the Don bend at Kalach-na-Donu (where it is closest to the Volga, now joined with it by the Volga–Don Canal), into territory not described in any detail by the ancient geographers. The existence of these territories further blurs the line between the borders of Africa and Europe, in particular with regard to the Spanish territories which lie immediately adjacent to and/or connected to the African mainland. The Bering Strait and Bering Sea separate the landmasses of Asia and North America, as well as forming the international boundary between Russia and the United States. The Ural River bridges in Atyrau and Orenburg are even labeled with permanent monuments carved with the word "Europe" on one side, "Asia" on the other.[27]. It is expected to join the Association of Southeast Asian Nations,[38] having been involved as an ASEAN Regional Forum member since independence, and has participated in the Southeast Asian Games since 2003.