Scrape off any excess dried glue gently with a chisel. Apply a bead of glue along one side of center piece of wood. However,  if you own or know someone with an electric saw, then I'd highly recommend that you use that instead! ... My cutting board was a piece of cake compared to those awesome puzzle pieces you did last week. Pick a size that works for you. Once the glue has dried, remove the wooden cutting board from the clamps. Frame distressed and painted to look aged like driftwood. Nice job. Making a simple cutting board can be made in an afternoon with minimal finishing work required. I might even try to make one now. String is used to link keychains to smaller locations on the map. Oak is an open grain wood species and hence, food can become embedded in the grain. Clamp boards in place using two pipe clamps to press them together and four bar clamps to make sure joints are straight (Image 1). The steep angle amplifies any changes in the straightness. This step is optional, but I thought making the corners curved would give the cutting board an added touch. This should leave your cutting board with a smooth, ready to finish product. Then use a router with a ⅛” radius roundover bit to take the corners from a sharp edge to a round edge. It’s got mineral oil, lemon oil, and beeswax. I used Mahoney’s walnut oil to finish my cutting board. Once you’ve chopped your wood up, clean each of the edges with your jointer jig at your table saw. Add some cork feet that you can get in any DIY store to protect your worktop from the chopping board. Whatever works best for you and your budget. Woodworking projects can be intimidating, but this project is actually easier than you may think, requiring basic shop materials and dense, hardwood boards to create a chef-worthy cutting board any foodie will love. There are a lot of strong feelings out there about the different grains, but basically a face grain is the the easiest and least durable, but is often pretty because it shows off the wood well. You could also a standard wood burning tool to burn in your name, logo or year. It also helps it from slipping around when you are cutting on it. Dense hardwood lumber with a closed grain is the best wood for cutting boards. Make sure to get the outside edges and inside the hanging hole too. Allow the board to remain clamped for several hours or overnight. Think of running your finger down between the teeth of a comb. But enough about our lumberyard adventure, let’s get to the real meat of this tutorial. After a few uses, you can apply more mineral oil.As the board gets cut up with longer use, you may elect to take it out to the sander and repeat the sanding steps from this tutorial. Thinner boards have more of a tendency to cup so I wouldn't go less than 3/4". I recommend taking a damp rag and wiping the excess glue off the boards. ), Blog (includes tutorials from our pre-YouTube days). I might have missed it, but how thick does the board need to be in your opinion? I made this chopping board for my husband at the end of last year. I re-sanded and washed down my chopping board and used Osmo Top Oil instead, which is a food safe oil for use on wooden kitchen worktops: Oil your chopping board in Osmo Top Oil, which I found to be way better than beeswax. Old framed picture found at thrift store repurposed as frame and backing for world map. Finally, I hand sanded with 400 grit sandpaper. Damage is pretty obvious, just know that even little imperfections that might be ok in other projects will cause you extra headache on this cutting board, like little dinks in the wood or a cool knot. Decide what you want to be the dimensions for your cutting board. Visit your local log/firewood company who make logs to sell for fires and log burners - they would happily sell (and cut) you a piece of a tree trunk to your specification. Apply the glue liberally to the face of each board and then clamp them together. Step 3 Using a chainsaw, start at one of the lines that you just made and cut downward until you have cut through the stump. 5 years ago Set two pieces of scrap wood (both the same size) on work surface. Tools and Materials You could easily reduce this to 1 inch if you like.Read the operating instructions that come with your table saw to understand all the safety features and recommendations. Please check your inbox for the confirmation email, How To Create This Rustic Tree Trunk Chopping Board, How To DIY This Parisian Style Wall Panelling, How To Reupholster A Bed: The DIY That Transformed My Bedroom In A Day, DIY Starter Kit: The Basic Tools That You Need To Own, 7 Budget-Friendly DIYs That Will Add Value To Your Home, 5 Clever And Contemporary DIY Paint Decor Ideas For The Home, A beginner’s guide to painting wooden sash windows, How To Remove Wallpaper And Make Good The Walls. That being said, I think the exposure to the walnut in a cutting board is minimal during the prep for food. Then I crosscut the walnut down to approximately 12 inches in length with the table saw. It didn't really give a shine, and it glooped together in the bark. The first time that beautiful piece of walnut soaks in the food safe finish it is transformed into a sexy cutting board. There are numerous cutting board kits out there that provide you the wood and leave all the gluing, planing and cutting to the consumer. About: BIO: My day job is an engineer and training supervisor. It may take a little more work, but works just as well as the planer.I own a portable Black & Decker belt sander (first picture) and a Ryobi belt / disc sander that rests on my bench. Nice, thanks for the good question and for verifying :D. About: A husband & wife team. The gift that keeps giving — our seed-starter kit is a thoughtful handmade gift for the green thumbs on your list. There are so many ways to make one, but we started simple. This will be the overall thickness of the cutting board after the boards are glued together. It helps to clean away excess dust and raise the grain for subsequent sanding.