Hello! Since then, I've been on the consolidation phase for just less than 2 months and thanks to the lifestyle changes I make with regard to improved eating habits and continued exercise, I've actually managed to drop another 7 lbs while still introducing the consolidation phase foods back in to my life! My Diet Success Story - The Dukan Diet! Hi,No need to watch calories, as long as the foods are from the allowed list.The truth is that the allowed foods are both low in calories and very filling, so no need to worry there :). Started the diet today! Lost 4kilos in 5 days. I did a 9-day attack in which I lost 12lb, from 20st 5, to 19st 7. For the first ten days you eat nothing but protein. Once upon a time, a long, long, loooooooooong time ago, I was not fat. They also help with constipation as your body recognises them as fibre - true story. That's a total loss of 5 lbs in four days! Before - Size 16 pants! I'm ^^so happy and for once enjoying it and don't think this as a diet at all but more as a lifestyle change! When Christine Roberts's parents divorced, she turned to food for comfort. Christine, now 23 and a supervisor at M&S in Telford, once topped 120 kilos but turned her life around when she moved to a new town and started the Dukan Diet. I lost 6.6 lbs in 4 days. I was an outsider. I am now on day 12. I do wonder about cholesterol, does anyone have any experience with that while doing this diet? I lost 15lbs & kind of slipped for a week, (gained 4-lbs back) Can I start the attack phase to take off the lbs. Please HELP! I am looking for some advice, I have been doing the dukan now for three weeks and have lost 14lbs but last week I only lost 0.5lbs, I haven't changed anything and am still being strict! You too can succeed like Christine. I'd never have breakfast but I'd go to the supermarket and buy biscuits and sweets to munch throughout the day. I've changed my hair colour, have lots of new friends and started seeing a guy at work. My parents were just happy that I wasn't a fussy eater like some children but that meant I ate whatever was put in front of me - and usually that was a lot. 1. We're not together now but at least I know someone could find me attractive. ).I am very impressed so far with how it has gone. Just looking to find out if this happened to anyone else? I am now 10 stone 9 lbs. As I just hit 40 and have family history and high cholesterol, this is my biggest fear. After - Size 4 jeans. If you want to start this diet, I highly recommend you but the Dukan Diet Recipe Book, it’ll stop your palette getting bored and unlike me, if you love seafood, you can have a ball on this diet, there are much more options out there for you. When Christine Roberts's parents divorced, she turned to food for comfort. This is a fantastic diet and if you stick with it it really does work! Is this normal? I'd have two poached eggs for breakfast, a packet of ham mid-morning, then lunch would be Quorn chicken fillets. I have tried this diet in the past and had great success but I need support. I'm 50 this year (ouch!) Once you reach your true weight you can reintroduce fruit, starchy foods, cheese and bread and finally you can pretty much eat what you want, so long a syou follow rules like having a protein-only day once a week and taking some exercises. If you have a sweet tooth like me, you can always invest in some artificial sugar and sugarfree lollies - they will change your life. The basis of this plan is now my lifestyle, and I'm loving it! When Christine Roberts's parents divorced, she turned to food for comfort. 2. Fake sugars make your breath smell like ass (the Dukan Diet approves fake sugars since it’s a diet purely for weight loss) Ok, now a few words from my husband: Hi Everyone, After several months I have finally reached the … I am now on the cruise phase, looking forward to eating vegetables. Start Dukan Online Coaching now and change your life as well! I started this diet on Friday, Nov 4th and have done quite well. Do get in touch if you’re doing it, if you need any advice, please, drop a comment or send an email. I was 11 stone when I started. The new Dukan diet Christine lost over 50 kilos with the Dukan Diet . I'm more aware of the food and it's contents and much healthier. It sounds boring but it wasn't and I lost 13 lbs in those first ten days and felt great. I lost 4 stone on the Dukan diet from July to end of December last year, I feel amazing! By the time I was 16, I weighed more than 120 kilos and I wouldn't go out with my friends. Quite determined to loose this weight! thats flexible and easy http://dukandietattempts.blogspot.com. Dairy (which includes skimmed milk) shouldn't exceed 1kg per day (or 1l). Dukan Diet Success Story Twitter . I will be back! I am looking forward to seeing some results as I have at least 25kgs to lose. It was immediately clear to me that I had not been having nearly enough protein in my diet, felt great right away. This post is just his weight loss story. 2 of my friends are on it and they both lost 10 pounds each within 2 days! Im on my last day of the Attack phase, and I have stuck to it fine. I read about the Dukan Diet and decided to give it a go. Love the diet! It is enjoyable, I am not cranky and the weight is coming off well. May 1, 2012 - Explore Dukan Diet US & Canada's board "Success Stories", followed by 4220 people on Pinterest. This is my 4th day on the Dukan diet. So glad to have found you and thanks for all of your really useful advice. Today is my first day. Ive been on the diet for 2 1/2 months now and have lost 28 pounds/ 12.7 kilos. I burn calories duing cardio at the gym three or four times a week, followed by a half-hour swim. I started The Dukan Diet on June 19th. I will post everyday can I get someone else to make that commitment with me? I am a diabetic and my blood sugars have come down in the 90's, wow. I thought men would only go after the nice-looking girls and I wasn't one of them. I am looking forward to the 'crunch' of some celery next week. I'm now 10st 7lb and a size 12 to 14. Hi - just catching up on some new recipes and enjoy reading others' comments.