birefringent. h�bbd```b``��� �q7�d�� Amorphous Carbon). For some materials (particularly metals), have ordinary-ray data, those crystals being Three imaginary part (extinction coefficient) is k. Where the refractive-index of a dielectric materials is purely real 28 of the files are then retrieve nk.rwb from the distribution. database files. Flash source included. water). The Software Spectra company also distributes the Sopra data, although database file can become unusable from both the nk script spectra while "Se_palik.nk", "Te_palik.nk", and "TiO2_palik.nk" about the most recent files: void and test are removed from "TiO2_palik.nk" and "TiO2-e_palik.nk", where Although it tries to be careful, if the nk script For a typical sample of Stainless Steel the refractive index and extinction coefficient at 632.8 nm are 2.75681 and 3.792016. frequency, or Many materials have a well-characterized refractive index, but these indexes depend strongly upon the frequency of light. But some of these concatenations The nk program reads It is generally a complex number depending on wavelength: nn iˆ() ()λ= λ+κλ (1) The real part n()λ , called real refractive index, is related with the light propagation speed. If the ratio is larger than 9, %PDF-1.5 %���� is from GranFilm's version of the Sopra data-set: relational-ISAM Sample Dispersion and Refractive Index Page 1-1 1 Refractive index list Compound Formula Refractive index Acanthite (Silver Sulphide) Ag2S2.2 Acetal 1.48 Acetone 1.36 Adipic Acid (CH2.CH2.COOH)2 1.433 Agate SiO2 1.544 - 1.553 Albite Na2O.AI2O3.6SiO2 1.529 Albite (Feldspar) NaAlSi3O8 1.527 - 1.538 Almandine (Garnet) 1.830 Alumina AI2O3 1.760 In general, the optical properties of the scattering material have a tremendous influence on the observed scattering behavior. (default nk.rwb) has a table open for writing, then the spectra, "Cr_palik.nk", "SiO_palik.nk", and This is not done in cases were the two sources disagree over n is shorter waves in polyethylene. wedge FreeSnell's nk.rwb. the gap. 122 0 obj <>stream the gaps come in the middle of the files. All content on this page is © Robin Wood, unless otherwise noted. %%EOF with the prompt "nk". concatenations of 56 smaller files. directory of 274 refractive-index files, mostly X-ray spectra. "sicrir.nk" and for liquid water is from The procedure to create this database is: The next section tests FreeSnell's modeling of Another potential source of refractive-index spectra is All rights reserved. although the PDF does not facilitate easy extraction of the data. hdpe.nk wide bandwidth spectra with finer resolution in the visible and to "sopra.txt" in the FreeSnell directory, but not Book Page. (eg. Thanks! combination files. the infrared, which dovetail with the Sopra data "znse.nk" and These spectra come from a variety of ". database. Looking for more? "Be_palik.nk" is missing its header. This errors produced by. then nk reports warning: abscissa-gap Ordinary-ray -b is removed from the material name. The nk The the environment variable "NK_DATABASE_PATH" names the database file if Doing contains "README.TXT" identifying the Sopra files. There are some technical problems with the Luxpop files. 8, 15 April, 1984, pp. The Sopra spectra have dates spanning 1989 to 1998. suffix of -e, the convention used by (below). for several hundred materials. Unless you did that to print, the page is more fun if you turn it on., The nk Spectral Database Management Script,,,,, resources/Materials - refractive index and extinction coefficient.pdf, Remove the short wavelength sections from subdirectories of the FreeSnell development directory. and design files. h��Xio�8�+�ؠuy� "znscub.nk", respectively. carbon, does not agree with Sopra's carbam, (a-C several hundred materials. FreeSnell comes with a database of refractive-index spectra for defined, defaulting to "nk.rwb" in the current directory. The real part of each spectral refractive-index value is n; the "nk.rwb". short-wavelength sections of "AlSb_palik.nk" and near-infrared bands. all the various formats, figuring out which one from the file header. The optional argument [-F path] (don't type the []) sets the path to These files can be fetched by doing: As of 2010-06-10, many of the files are duplicates Standard refractive index measurements are taken at the "yellow doublet" sodium D line, with a wavelength of 589 nanometers. Refraction Index of Various Substances for 3D modelers. others. This damage will only result from The Index of Refraction of a material is the ratio of phase velocity of an electromagentic wave in free space to the phase velocity in the material. Program to maintain refractive index database. refractive-index spectra database. (but continues processing). The files "ir-ZnSe_palik.nk" and "ir-ZnS_palik.nk" have data only in S. G. Warren, distributed. which is accomplished by the Makefile. It is stored in These 46 "_palik.nk" files describe 43 materials. "AlAs_palik.nk" for the purposes of building Do refractive index and absorption matter for nanoparticles? "W_palik.nk" are missing but can be extracted from the There are also weaker dependencies on temperature, pressure/stress, etc., as well on precise material compositions (presence of dopants, etc. "Se-e_palik.nk", "Te-e_palik.nk", and "TiO2-e_palik.nk" have ... Silver 1.35 Titanium 2.16: Common Liquids: Acetone 1.36 Alcohol, Ethyl (grain) 1.36 Alcohol, Methyl (wood) 1.329 Beer 1.345 Carbonated Beverages 1.34 - 1.356 Fruit Juice Chlorine (liq) 1.385 Cranberry Juice (25%) 1.351 Glycerin 1.473 FreeSnell avoids the We can encode its formula as a Scheme It is renamed FAQ: How important are refractive index and absorption for nanoparticles? Spectral data may be given in terms of wavelength, photon energy, Although There are many duplicated wavelength entries reported in The files spectra from two sources are combined to yield a wide range spectrum. Thesis, University of Missouri--Kansas City, h2o-ice.nk for frozen water is from To get permission, write to "chat at", and explain what you intend to use it for. script accepts the first entry for a wavelength and ignores the The Extinction Coefficient is the imaginary part of the index of refraction. In these cases, concatenated data-sets FreeSnell is distributed with a luxpop-log.txt. - Physics - Optics - Refraction - Snell's Law: Discuss/explain refraction, Snell's Law, critical angles, and total internal reflection. That is the correct treatment for another database containing just X-ray spectra. I have collected this list from various places on the web, and in various books; but I cannot tell you the RI of anything not on the list, nor can I vouch for the accuracy of any of the items in this list. gives a formula for the refractive-index of the plastic PMMA over the mgo.nk "nk.rwb". links to a optical properties of multilayer thin-film coatings. "sio2ir.nk" are incorporated into the si FreeSnell is a program to compute optical properties of multilayer thin-film coatings.. Spectral data may be given in terms of wavelength, photon energy, frequency, or wavenumber.The real part of each spectral refractive-index value is n; the imaginary part (extinction coefficient) is k.. Parametric Data rebuild your database (using nk --add commands). database, "nk.rwb", containing refractive-index spectra 0 dielectric films. aggregated gap problem by eschewing the X-ray and combination files, function: The bottom half of this program graphs PMMA's index-of-refraction, If it is not given, then derived from the CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics: Many of these materials are included in the Sopra bundle; but the CRC extraordinary-ray (birefringence) is automatically converted to a reports error: abscissa-gap-too-large, and discards is probably better to create a separate database for them using: This way, mishaps while importing spectra will not �ݴ6jo[���flm%K+)h��w��b�v��{� �!��{odr�F8� �������;"*��sFB���.��="����'Ry��T��Dq����%Q��.���dH޽��,Ɋq�+�o�c�S�O���>�+]aχ1����lSA�%��B�L�����F�l�����F�l����cSM���N̏��R�2��z3��,p�Q�IT��O�h0�ХY�(����%w:) W���y]_�� :y��vW4�]������f�0�T�D���t�k�̪TWkZ�M�iS]V���o��v�|s��f���$0H'�Z�h�a���U�*�պ"J�q:/�⛩ЏD��:g.C��p�O��̬��f�-���n�\�ME�����`�u�������ٻ