Temperature value 2. 2 Industrial Park, Hongxing Community Songgang Street , Bao'an District Shenzhen, Guangdong 518103,China MEQUIPEX EC REP Shenzhen Finicare Co., Ltd 0123. endobj The information herein is for personal use and informational purposes only. Serial number | LOT Batch number IMPORTANT Inaccurate reading or thermometer damage may occur if the thermometer is not correctly used. 2. •35 sets of memories, easy to recall Switching between mute and un-mute mode •Fever alarm function, displayed in orange and red light. 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Contact | How to use your thermometer When using the thermometer for the first time, please load the batteries. 15) Patients should not drink,eat, or be physically active before/while taking the measurement. When the user is learning how to use the thermometer for the first time until he/she has familiarized himself/herself with the instrument and obtains consistent readings. Error and Troubleshooting Symptom Possible Cause Description & Solution Failed to The battery level is too Replace with a new battery power on. Slide Hold the Measure button keep in contact, scan the forehead from one side to the other and then release the button, the beep is heard, you can now read the value. Voltage dips, |<5%UT Mains power quality should short (>95 dip in UT be that of atypical commercial interruptions for 0.5 cycle or hospital environment. 8. ?Houd de startknop ingedrukt totdat op het scherm F verschijnt. Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations, Select the department you want to search in, Amplim Amp1701 Infrared Thermometer Video User Manual. 1) Take your forehead temperature Press the Measure button to power on. Gesteld op 8-10-2020 om 15:20. It is simple to use, with high accuracy and wide range of temperature measurement, etc. Care and cleaning Use an alcohol swab or cotton swab moistened with 70% alcohol to clean the thermometer casing and the measuring probe. Take a measurement under an ambient temperature between 10°C (50.0°F) and 40°C (104°F). manual for infrared thermometer Ⅰ. To see the entire list of Thermometer items … Do not use the thermometer in high humidity environments. This thermometer is not intended to interpret hypothermic temperatures.Do not allow children to take their temperatures unattended. The customer or the user ofthe infrared thermometer should assure that it is used in such an environment. How to use your thermometer ----------- 1) Take your forehead temperature ----------- 2) Take your ear temperature ---- 3) Take room/object temperature ------------ 4) After a measurement -------------------------------------------- 5) Read your temperature ------- ------------ 6) Switching between mute and un-mute --------------- 7) Checking 35 sets of memory data --- 8) °C/°F conversion ------ 9) Temperature compensation adjustment------------ 10) To turn off -------------- 11) Replace the battery -------------- ............. 7. — 1 — (11) Use of this thermometer is not intended as a substitute for consultation with your physician or pediatrician. Infrared Thermometer - read user manual online or download in PDF format. Vul dan hier uw emailadres in. Geantwoord op 2-11-2020 om 18:01, Helaas geen antwoord. NOTE 2 These guidelines may not apply in all situations. Slide the battery cover off along the marked direction. x�}TK��0��W��%?bC0���@���S��Ӷt.���#�I�N 8�?��'ɉw����>���~Rt�`��",���� ��ϳ�V����,ѧ�e�8����Sp9f�S��dJ�%vj��/m�8����w�[{>����|pT���a�=��Hf2T̵�����PLR�f$ =�Y��b���"�йBV&����U4f�E�Z;�&AQW=��(S!N�,��� 0p�U�$ӑ��t���MjUZ?��LҴId�7w��[�&f� Please read these instructions carefully before using this product and keep the instructions and the thermometer in a safe place. Imr IEC 60601 Compliance Electromagnetic test test level level Jenvironment-guidance Conducted 3Vrms N/A Portable and mobile RF communica RF 150kHz to tions equipment should be used no IEC 80MHz closer to any part of the 61000-4-6 infrared thermometer including cables,than the recommended separation distance calculated from the equation applicable to the frequency of the transmitter. Please replace with a new battery. 2. Electromagnetic propagation is affected by absorptionand reflection from structures, objects and people. Forehead temperature mode 4. Om tot zinvolle vragen te komen hanteren wij de volgende spelregels: Belangrijk! 7) Use an alcohol swab to carefully clean the sensor and wait for 5 minutes before taking a measurement on another patient. Please follow the general safety precautions when using on children. Simply aim the unit’s probe toward the surface to be measured to obtain a quick and accurate temperature. All Hello, Sign in. ADo not force the thermometer into the ear canal. Gesteld op 7-1-2020 om 17:15, oorthermometer de uitslag komt opeens in fahreheit maar ik wil celsius Gesteld op 7-1-2020 om 17:12, Mijn Kruidvat oor thermometer geeft geen juiste temperatuur aan. x��w�dGu�}��E�{m�&�$2B9G�3 It has a laser target, with back light LCD display, and has a few functions Refer to the qualification certificate or the packing box for the production date. Skip to main content.us. If 38oCSTS42.9°C(100.4°FSTS109.2°F),the red light will last for 3 seconds, with 5 short beeps, and the value in LCD flickers, which is a warning that you may have a high fever. It is advised to wait 10 minutes before taking a reading. Toggle Switch Note: All the future temperature you are taking will be automatically added the value you are adjusted. Release button NOTE: The forehead measurement is an indicative reading. Home | Product Description 1) Overview Infrared Thermometer measures the body temperature based on the infrared energy emitted from the eardrum or the forehead. Thermometer for Adults and Babies, Non-Contact Digital Forehead Infrared Thermometer with Instant Accurate Reading and Fever Alarm, Memory Storage for Indoor and Outdoor Use. The page provides a catalogue of brands and devices, each offering to view or download an updated manual. The following tables shows that this normal range also varies by site. Belangrijk! Information about a manufacturer Please read the instructions carefully. 8) °C/°F conversion Open the battery cover,use the toggle switch to change the °C/°F. How to I contact the dealer about this broken $60 thermometer that is only two months old? Product Structure--------------- 5. Infrared temperature probe Inírared ray Ear canal Eandrum 4) Indications for use The Dual-mode Infrared Thermometer is intended for the measure ment of human body temperatures. Wiping the forehead with a warmor cool cloth may impact your reading.