– Car Ride Movement – This is the first movement and it moves the baby in a figure eight motion, taking him up and over, back down, around and up.– Kangaroo Movement – This particular movement bounces baby up and down in a direction and then back or return the way it came. After comparing all the 4moms Mamaroo vs 4moms Rockaroo reviews, it is my understanding that the 4moms Mamaroo is a clear all-rounding winner. This swing also offers mp3 compatibility as well. Both are great products, and my baby likes both a lot. Infants’ seats such as bouncers and swings are perfect to help us entertain and soothe our babies although it’s a bit of an investment so before getting one it’s recommended that you search for your best option. New parents love the sleek, modern design of their products as well as the hands-free functionality. The toys are colorful on one side while black and white on the other. That’s as much as I can give you about Mamaroo vs Rockaroo rockers. If you think the app is the only good thing in this swing, then you haven’t seen it all just yet. Music is one of those things that can stop a child from crying and can even put it to sleep. Just like The MamaRoo, The RockaRoo also has cool mesh fabric with breathable 3D air mesh to keep your baby cool, comfortable and safe. These different features are not only calming but also fun and help entertain your little one. Baby bouncers and swings are one of those items that new parents are adding to their bucket list. 4Moms RockaRoo has an easy to turn on and off dial and five diverse speed levels of rocking.RockaRoo is basically a compacted swing, designed to occupy 70% less space than the traditional swings. The angle of the seat can not be adjusted, and some parents found it to be too inclined for their newborns (the insert may help with this). Plus, there’s the advantage that the MamaRoo can be managed from the app. My suggestion is definitely don't buy it new if you are going to buy it. Laurel78 wrote: I am just wondering which one to get! The app is android and iOS-enabled. Copyright © 2020 Moms and Baby Zone. Certain white noise machines and videos can create a comfortable womb-like environment for your baby. I would definitely give a plus one to Mamaroo for the added varying motion. I had a swing with my oldest child, and while it did the trick for a little bit, the cost and the space it took up was so not worth it to me. Pretty interestingly, the 4moms MamaRoo Bouncer is costlier than the RockaRoo Swing. The two machines do completely different things. Bluetooth allows you to play soothing music to keep the child busy. In my opinion, this has got to be one of its best features. Before you think you can completely rely on my decision-making, just know that I’ve read almost every Mamaroo vs Rockaroo review on Amazon. Alright! It has more bells and whistles than the Rockaroo, and slightly bigger price to go with it. The Mamaroo rocker can control the speed, motion, music sound, and power on/off remotely. I’ve had the opportunity to use both the mamaRoo and the rockaRoo with Calvin and am a big fan of both of them. The MamaRoo also includes the white noise and sounds while The RockaRoo only has the MP3 plugin. He naps in it and even sleeps the night in it sometimes. These are some of the similarities in both of these products: As much as you’d like to think that both products are identical, here are some features that set them apart. And you shouldn’t risk it afterward. Everyone tells me that the mamaroo is the best thing ever made! That might mean that you cannot take it with you for some outings, but it can come in very handy for when you must put your baby down for a bit. Plugin and play any music you want to. 4moms RockaRoo review opined that this swing is a fresh design particularly designed to match the modern and elegant designs that nearly all parents want. link to Similac Soy Vs. Similac Sensitive: What's the Difference? This rocker is unlike all other rockers in the market that has a default seating position. Some also found the speed to be too fast, even on the slowest setting. And for the lower price point of around $159.99, I highly recommend it. Bonnie Landau, Special Education Advocate, 10 Ways to Calm a Crying Baby - Real Mom Recs, Unique Baby Names You’ll Fall In Love With, Stunning Baby Names You Have Not Thought Of, Old Fashioned Baby Names That Are Ready For a Comeback, Scary Things Newborns Do That Are Completely Normal, Must be plugged into a wall outlet (some find this a pro as you aren’t burning through batteries to power it, others see it as a negative that there is no battery option), Both come with a simple, eye-catching mobile for baby to look at, Move on their own without a manual option (can’t push/bounce it by hand), Same removable/machine-washable seat cover, 12 month warranty on both- make sure you assemble and test out upon receiving the item, some report receiving faulty products that had to be replaced, Motions: MamaRoo has 5 options, RockaRoo only rocks, MamaRoo has 4 built in sounds, RockaRoo has none, The seat has an adjustable recline on the MamaRoo, the RockaRoo seat does not adjust, MamaRoo is bluetooth enabled- can control the speed and sound through an app on your phone. It is called a baby rocker swing because it rocks your baby with excitement. You also have more chances of your baby liking these machines if you try to introduce it to them during the first months of life. If this baby is like his siblings, I think he would like the mamaroo better. So you want to make sure you’re following safety requirements and not putting your baby in the RockaRoo once they can sit up, typically around 6 months old. Copyright 2020. We have the Fisher Price Rock n Play and our newborn loves it (he's 12 days old today). My husband saw them in the store and really liked it (it's pretty much the only thing he's had an opinion on so I want to get it on the registry). Once you log in, the settings can be changed anytime without disturbing the baby. It soothes your baby just like a rocking chair. All information on this website is intended for entertainment and educational purposes only. It also has a small footprint, taking up 70% less room than a traditional swing. © 2020 Everyday Health, Inc. In addition. You can also speed them up or slow them down, meaning that you can adjust all these 5 movements speed-wise. xoxo. forth and back. In the end, I paid $35 for the rockaroo since I made money off the mamaroo! The rockaRoo is designed to replace a traditional swing, and it definitely does the job. The MamaRoo Classic and the plush have the same functionalities and features, there are only a few noticeable differences. My babies love movement, so for me the Mamaroo works better for our needs. I am a regular mom of the 3 most adorable girls! But, if you are looking for a lower budget alternative but cannot set your mind on anything else, then I’d suggest you take the Rockaroo. Do you have a small space in the home where regular baby swings don’t fit? 4moms MamaRoo Review pointed out that the back-and-forth gliding motion feature makes this 4moms MamaRoo infant seat popular. Mamaroo Vs Rockaroo, Which is Best for Little Baby ?