Bangladesh has developed and released four brinjal varieties … In India, Punjab farmers are producing chili hybrids seed using nuclear male sterile lines (MS-12 line and ms-10) and natural cross pollination. beds and channels. A number of cultivars are grown in India, consumer preference being dependent upon fruit colour, size and shape.The varieties of Solanum melongena L. display a wide range of fruit shapes and colours, ranging from oval or egg-shaped to long club-shaped; and from white, yellow, green through degrees of purple pigmentation to almost black. ), Fumitory (Fumaria indica), Compsperry (spergula arvensis), Blue grass(Poa anuna), Canary grass(Phalaris minor), Rabit foot grass(Dectyloctium aegyptium). Subscribe to Get Post in E-mail. The fruits are rich in minerals, amino acids and glycosides. Folier spray of carbendazim 50%@300g/ha to control early leaf spots (Alternaria solani) whenever the disease is noticed. In esatern India Application of 25 t/ha FYM along with 60 kg/ha each of P2O5 and K2O has been recommended. The prices Flower Biology Both chili and capsicum bear hermaphrodite, white colored flower. A report by Ahmed et al. Eggplant has four types of flowers depending on the length of styles viz., (i) long-styled with big size ovary, (ii) medium-styled with medium size ovary, (iii) pseudo short-styled with rudimentary ovary and (iv)true short-styled with very rudimentary ovary. Pristomerus testsceus, Cremastus flavoorbitalis, Bracon greeni, Phanerotoma sp., andCampyloneura sp. Crop rotation with French bean reduce bacterial wilt incidence. About 250-300 g of seed are sufficient for raising seedlings for one hectare of land. It forms a cup like structure at the base. Two-three hoeing and the earthing up are required to keep the crop free of weeds. The colour of corolla is generally purple but it may be greenish white to white also. Heterostyly i.e. Production technology of cauliflower CAULIFLOWER originated from Europe, spread to other countries and at present is cultivated in many parts of the world.. Low temperature during the cool season causes deformation of vegetables. Vegetable crops of India. Black plastic mulch is also an effective method to control weeds. This disease is a major problem in, pungency factor capsaicin is an alkaloid, used in medicines.. Most of the cultivated types of tomato belong to Lycopersicon esculentum mill. It is one of the richest vegetables, which keeps our stomach and intestine in good condition. receptivity ranges from a day prior to flower opening in summer and 2-3 days in winter under field conditions. The second dose is given just before the onset of flowering while the third after the first picking/harvesting. Nitrogen is applied @ 100 kg/ha in 5 to 6 split doses during the crop growing season through fertigation. Climate Required for Eggplant Farming: – Basically, eggplant crop is a long warm season crop that requires an ideal temperature range of 20°C to 28°C for its cultivation. Most of the commercially important varieties have been selected from the long established types of the tropical India and China. Well-decomposed FYM is thoroughly incorporated at the time of land preparation. Introduction Brinjal or eggplant (Solanum melongena L.) is an important solanaceous crop of sub-tropics and tropics. 2 Dr. Akhilesh It may be good practice to reduce the weed population in brinjal field. Phytosanitation to reduce the source of inoculum such as removal of plant after final harvest, volunteer plants. The genetically modified brinjal is a suite of transgenic brinjals created by inserting a crystal protein gene from the soil bacterium Bacillus thuringiensis into the genome of various brinjal cultivars. on Asphondylia ap. India’s share of global vegetable production is 9.2% compared to 36.6% of China. Yaduraju, N. T. 1997. Eggplant is either solitary or cluster of 2-5 flowers. During drying of purple, and purple black fruits the skin colour turns to coppery brown.