A performance review, also called a performance evaluation or performance appraisal, is an assessment where supervisors review an employee’s performance at work. Here, we give you some examples so that you know how to give your comments during the performance … Looks for ways to streamline procedures to improve efficiency and customer service. Works with employees in setting mutual goals. If there have been counseling sessions, letters of commendation or reprimand, or unofficial Performance review phrases examples for quality of work to write a performance evaluation and complete your performance review form for free. Rarely offers to assist others in the office. and customers wait. way to deal with situations. Makes negative comments that affect working relationships with others. The employees follow the work schedule that leads to high-quality work. Encourages employees to improve knowledge, abilities and skills. requirement of this job. If there have been counseling sessions, letters of commendation or reprimand, or unofficial performance reviews within the rating period, the supervisor should keep documentation o… throughout the year. Often calls in to work without prior approval, resulting in excessive unscheduled POSITIVE. "She is always … Here are some review comments on quality work. Has had no unscheduled absences, except for documented emergencies. Here are some performance review phrases you can use to gauge the quality of … All memos, reports, forms and correspondence are completed on time with no errors. A performance evaluation is a perfect way for a manager to evaluate the quality of the work generated by employees. Gets annoyed with clients who ask too many questions. Some employees are often required to improve their performance to ensure that they produce a quality work. Usually adjusts well to changes in the work place. procedures. Conducts research or seeks counsel of experts to gather information needed in making Takes good care of equipment and uses supplies efficiently. Sometimes does not make sure all work is completed before leaving for the day. performance comments should support the rating given. Always asks questions and seeks guidance when not sure of what to do. Any factor rated poor or needs improvement MUST have performance comments. Quantity of work produced is outstanding. Frequently forgets to follow through on customer requests. Enthusiastic, energetic and displays positive behavior. Has made frequent errors that are harmful to business operations. Had one unrated Performance Planning and Review rating in this rating year. As a manager/supervisor, the policy and guidelines you set should aim at increasing productivity as well as maintaining the quality of the work done by the employees. Plans projects and carries them out so that projects are completed ahead of schedule Spends too much time focusing on less important aspects of daily job. He contributes to the team in bringing a better quality of work and being productive, The team understands the importance of productivity and good quality work, The team is well organized and hence builds better quality work and productivity, The team helps others to work better by improving their working skills, The employee completes his work accurately in time. The quality of work produced is unacceptable. Sometimes there’s a huge difference between what they say and what they want to convey.To improve this, it's important that employers must practice the art of delivering constructive performance appraisal comments. Makes an effort to counsel employees and document performance (both positive and negative) Performance Review Phrases. Displays occasional negativity when working with others. Required paperwork is completed late or is only partially complete. Innovation, whether in terms of business strategies or coming up with a new product, is important if you want to keep your business relevant. Always Did not make sure that all subordinates were productive at all times, which is a daily Any Frequently becomes impatient when things aren't done their way. Reports, forms, memos and correspondence are often completed late or not at all. Assumes others should know what to do and how to do it with little or no training. b. Can always be counted on to work overtime when necessary without complaint. Projects an attitude of superiority that turns off other employees.