I Googled it, and apparently, ir comes from the fact that for countries in the southern hemisphere, winter falls in July. I remember Christmas in July being all over the advertising at home, but I don’t know of anyone that actually does anything for it. Fiesta Friday #23|Happy 4th of July! Brush top with coconut milk and sprinkle with sugar to make it sparkle! It’s like that for so many things – no Meyer lemons, just lemons, no Vidalia onions, just brown onions. This easy almond scented tart can be a simple dessert, or a very elegant sidekick to a cup of good coffee. Top with 1½ heaping teaspoon cherry filling. Remove from oven and allow to cool before serving. Add the powdered sugar and vanilla extract. Especially love that you can use any fruit for this. The tart was incredibly sweet to me for some reason even though I only added the 1/2 cup of sugar, but that could easily be remedied with whipped cream and a tall glass of milk. Remove the dough from the refrigerator. Are you not on Wordpress? Privacy Policy. 3. Rainier cherries are so wonderful. In a medium sauce pan combine cherries, 1/4 cup sugar, and lemon zest. I can’t stop imagining the wonderful flavour of your beautiful pies!! ( Log Out /  Happy Fourth of July! or organic vegetable shortening (or a combination), use more like 1 1/4 cups if using tart cherries, Easy Raspberry Jalapeno Dip & Homemade Wheat Thins, Nutella Popcorn Ultimate Chick-Flick Snack Mix (Vegan), Chocolate Coated Pumpkin Spice Cups (Vegan+GF), Creamy Peanut Pad Thai Noodles (Vegan+GF). Pour mixture over cherries and stir to incorporate. No need to share =) Thanks for sharing at FF, Jess! So pretty, I wish we could trade our tarts for a taste test! Oh my gosh. And I love cherries–yum! Rainier Cherry Pastry is a perfect way to use up those in-season cherries! I always use Vidalia onions when I cook. I’m just an amateur foodie with a camera, but I do try , If this work belongs to an amateur, wonder how you would be in a couple of years , I was also thinking about where the time has gone, Jess. These are gorgeous and perfect for Fiesta Friday! Cream the butter and the sugar until fluffy. Spread the mixture into the pie shell and top with the cherry halves, laying them face down across the entire surface of the tart. Mmm-mmm. Do you like good food? Not sure if anyone will see this but I’m out of almond flour – could I use plain white flour? They are white/yellow in color with a blush of red. These golden yellow and blush cherries are sweeter than regular cherries, they have a shorter season, and are more delicate, so they’re a rare find in the marketplace. LOVE. ( Log Out /  While the crunch might add an interesting texture, one of my favorite things about pie is the crust, and I love it, especially, when the juices of a fruit pie bubble out through the steam vents and make a sticky goo. If you have almonds you can make your own flour with your food processor. I will have to make it again since I have some Rainier cherries left in the freezer. What’s wonderful about it, besides the heavenly almond scent and fluffy texture, is that it’s incredibly easy to make. If the dough seems dry, add the remaining milk a little at a time. I recently made hand pies as well- yours have TONS more filling than mine – they look amazing! . Serve it for breakfast, afternoon tea, or dessert. Thanks for bringing to FF! 1/4 cup olive oil Thanksgiving is NEXT WEEK? Thanksgiving recipe: Evan Kleiman’s Turkey leg confit, Thanksgiving, savory pies, turkey alternatives, leftovers, Native American food sovereignty, farming under Trump, West Indies roti, Fermentation, Black excellence, Pok Pok closes, persimmons, Give food, check in on a neighbor: Small acts of service can curb depression this pandemic Thanksgiving, Boyle Heights nonprofit feeds undocumented restaurant workers during pandemic Thanksgiving, ‘Tacos will prevail’: How LA’s street vendors persevere in the time of COVID. Love this recipe! Crimp the edges with a fork. Heat oven to 400 degrees F (200 C). I’ve never had ranier cherries but I really need to try them . <3. Yum! adapted from The Pioneer Woman Cooks… that’s Ree… she’s rad. Pinned! Oh man, we’re still u, Need a new dessert for Thanksgiving? Tart Cherries (aka, Sour Cherries or Pie Cherries) Nicknamed “pie cherries,” fresh sour cherries are best baked, jammed, and juiced. I pitted and halved the large cherries and arranged the halves on top. 3/4 cup salted butter, cold.