There is an overabundance of online language learning courses out there for you to choose from, and it can be challenging to find the one that suits you best. While not innovative and a fairly common feature in other products, it’s nice to see that Rocket has incorporated a scheduler and points system to keep people motivated. Searching for language learning content via search engines inevitably leads you to fake, spammy review websites created by Rocket affiliate members (not Rocket Languages themselves) and I’ve had many instances of them polluting my blog with sales links which I immediately delete and ban. Hey Donovan,Great review there. Whenever you’re unsure of how things operate, you can always refer to this module’s tutorial. They are simple, easy to use, and straightforward – and this is one of the strongest points of Rocket Languages. The standard price for the Rocket Italian course starts from $149.95 (for 1 level) and goes up to $449.85 (for 3 levels). Don't read as impatient or as a hack, I understand that language acquisition and fluency come with time. Rocket Languages only offers 1 level for Eigo, which includes over 130 hours of lesson time and takes you from beginner to intermediate level. This is not necessarily the direct fault of Rocket Languages at all but they need to be aware that dodgy partners are very harmful to their brand and reputation. Competitors like Duolingo and Rosetta Stone are limited to use in the application or online so it’s nice that Rocket gives you complete access to the content you paid for. Duolingo quickly became the go-to solution for learning foreign languages thanks to its user-friendly app. Rocket Languages is an award winning language learning company originally founded in 2004. I have used Rocket Spanish for 3 years and it was an outstanding and excellent program. The elementary levels were pretty good, but my oldest started middle school this year, and the Spanish is AWFUL!! Rocket Arabic course consists of more than 120 hours of reading, video, and audio lessons with plenty of interactive exercises. If you want customers you don’t lock them out! You can purchase a single level for $99.95, the first two levels for $249.90, or all three levels for $259.90. Rocket Arabic Realistically do you think B1-B2 is attainable with the program. Aus dollar was 0.73 US at the time. But what really turned me off is the feeling that there is no one behind the company. I remembered you metioned only MSA was available there. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. And then something always gets in the way? I have heard foreigners who still didn't sound exactly like a native, but spoke in a much more natural way and using fewer or no "foreign sounds". I agree with the author, Rocket Languages is choosing the least worst option in a linquistically non-ideal world. The lessons in the course are built around recorded audio or simply text. I am an American homeschooling parent with three kids who have been taking Spanish through our state's online public school. It was mentioned before I believe in this commentary that when you say something deliberately wrong it still can give you a 100% score which is a bit bogus.I tried Rocket Spanish trial version a few years ago and found it good even though I don't think it had VR back then.I was thinking about buying the levels 1 and 2 combined (German) for a discounted price for around $150 USD but found their clickbank currency converter way off. Click below to read our language specific reviews of the Rocket Languages courses. It comes with an “Action Replay” feature that summarizes different lessons which makes it one of the best, Spanish language learning resources available online. To describe it in its own words it’s a ‘recognized leader in online language learning’ and it’s been around for quite some time (about a decade according to its about page). If you purchase one of these courses, you're likely to get a lot of miles out of it. This online course has Cyrillic to help you learn how to write Russian characters with ease. Why so long? And how was your experience with the voice recognition? Each audio lesson is around 30 minutes long. That means you have to pay a hefty one-off fee that’s not broken down into monthly installments. Each lesson has a series of reinforcement activities which include: a series of writing and speaking exercises (Rocket Languages uses voice recognition), quizzes, flashcards, and role play dialogues. An example of a good schedule for this kind of learning might look like this: Recommend schedule while using this course, Practice your new language with a native speaker. Rocket Languages also pledges to contact you within two working days should you fail to reach the team and leave a message. Rocket Languages has a bit of a spammy feel when it comes to the sales page. I agree the Games are not very good but I like everything else and feel it was good value. Since launching in 2004, this app has offered perhaps the most comprehensive audio content of all large online language learning programs to immerse you in the language and allow you to pick up keynotes in conversation. You won't find the game-ified format popular with other language courses. While I can’t comment on the specifics of all language versions, Rocket Languages is definitely a quality product I’d recommend because of the comprehensiveness of its content and quality of its dialogues. to help students practice what they have learned. United States. We understand that practicing speaking a language is often the hardest part of learning it. I'd be curious to hear what your thoughts are on it. The language learning content offered by Rocket Languages is of a very high standard, and there’s an abundance of it. However, an important thing to note here is that this. There are language blogs out there solely concerned with profiteering and this is not one of them. I’ll recommend it to my friends :), Rocket Italian This allows you to fit the target words into their spoken context so you can familiarize yourself better with how the language works. only offers 1 level. Nomas, the voice recognition they use is Google web speech technology. In my  Rocket Language review, I have discussed all the essential features of the platform. On balance, we think the pricing is fair. This lesson is well-structured and comprehensive compared to most Mandarin online courses. That being said, RL is an exceptional course. Upto this time I have purchased for Japanese, Korean and French. However, since Rocket Languages primarily focus on practical language, the course can enable you to have a basic, everyday conversation in Korean. Included in the Rocket Languages fee/package there is a handy ‘Survival Kit’ section.