The large frying pan though I feel is not large enough. I struggled with the weight when draining pasta so if you're not good with heavy pans these probably aren't for you. It is worth noting that these pans are lighter weight than many of the pans I have used previously. The pots have internal measurements, which is extremely helpful and makes cooking much simpler. They are not too heavy and with measurement guide on the side of the pan they are great when a recipe calls for a certain amount of liquid. My first impressions were so good I threw my old pans away immediately. Lids fit nicely and steam rises perfectly through the hole in the lid. Washed up with fairy liquid and hot water and the marks haven’t shifted. These pans are very good quality but not too heavy. I imagined them to become really hot during cooking and potentially untouchable. Tefal Elementary 5pc Stainless Steel Set is exactly primary set for every kitchen! The only negative is that the handles can get quite hot when cooking but as a starter set I would definitely recommend. However, when it comes to pans, it surprised me positively, they heat up quickly and evenly, they are very easy to keep clean and I regret not buying them many years ago because it would make my life easier. I was excited to receive the Tefal Emotion Stainless Steel 5 piece set and couldn't wait to try them all out. Would highly recommend this set of pans. fantastic tefal 5pc stainless steel pan set.great quality set that contains items to cook all kinds of food.brillNt none stick and easy to clean. You get 3 saucepans and 2 frying pans. The tefal 5 piece elementary set has been great to use, and the stainless steel design is a stylish addition to the kitchen. Makes a massive change to my old set! There is measurements on the side of the pans which come in very handy. Would of given this product a 5* if the pans hadn’t started staining. Tefal’s iconic Thermo-Spot® heat indicator which will have you searing like a chef. Due to the design your food cooks evenly and without burning. These were great. Furthermore, there is a spot that indicates when the pan is at the optimum temperature to begin cooking. Top handles can get hot. 5 piece set of stainless steel frying pans and saucepans from Tefal. These were exactly what I was looking for, strong, sturdy pans, very easy to clean. From first day I got it I started to use it. Tefal state they are dishwasher safe, however I wouldn’t want to risk damaging the non-stick coating. I love the feel of the handles of the pans. Not a single fault with them. I am pleased this isn’t the case, I was able to cook in a pan for long periods and still pick it up by the steel handle. The size of the pans is good if you are cooking for maximum 2 persons. The t Spot on the frying pans is helpful to know when they hot to use. I cook a lot so I use these set several times a day. Apart of this it’s really nice set! The frying pans were great. Very satisfied with this product! Thry heated up well and copled food to perfection. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for T-fal E759SE Performa Pro Stainless Steel Dishwasher Safe Oven Safe Cookware Set, 14-Piece, Silver at I love the 'cut' design on the base of each saucepan. My main compliment is that it really has reduced the amount of time spent on the washing up with its as advertised non-stick technology! I am extremely impressed with the Tefal 5 piece pan set! The Tefal Elementary Stainless Steel Series is a lovely addition to a kitchen! It has a modern design, works perfect on induction hob, heats up very quickly and the red indicator will show you when the temperature is right for cooking. I liked the fact you could stir sauces without having to hold the pans. Highly recommend , Great Pan set, ideal for all cooking scenarios and super easy to clean, These saucepans are amazing. These pans are fantastic. Lovely set for my family of 4. The saucepans are all prefect sizes for my family needs. Plus they are so easy to clean. The pans have a sleek and stylish design, with glass lids, that have asymmetric handles. I haven't experienced anything sticking to the pans or frying pans when cooking. The thermo-spot on the frying pans ensures the pan is at the optimal temperature for cooking. Introducing the Tefal Elementary 5 Piece set: the ideal stainless steel starter set for durable cooking performance with a 5-year guarantee. It’s a great set for a couple of small family and good quality that should last some time. Only one little bad thing is - lid holder is getting really hot and you can’t touch it or hold it without towel as rubber piece is to small and to close to glass.