And then there's Scare Bear, the silent, machete-wielding figure in a bear costume - will The Venture Bros. season 8 explain who this is? Having The Venture Bros. largely produced but just two men is what necessitates the long wait between seasons, but neither they or their fans would want it any other way. Until the season gets further into production none of these predictions can be confirmed, but rest assured that as more details come out we’ll keep you as up to date as possible on all things Venture. Venture Bros. creators Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer have been in talks with Adult Swim about a finale special for the abruptly-canceled series. Most notably, season 7 explains the fate of Rusty's father, Jonas Venture and the truth of what happened all those years ago during movie night on Garguntau-1. Here is the list of all-stars of the show: The makers of the show San Diego Comic-Con, Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick already confirmed back in 2018 that they start working on season 8 of the show. Without a doubt the show could be back on its remaining as we recently observed the rebuilding of shows after another stage picking up the telecom rights. The Monarch heads the new Council of 13, which also means that her arching days are ostensibly over. Venture Bros. Season 8 Story. Many existing ventures were at that point postponed for reasonable delivery and a few tasks are presently waiting. The Venture Bros. has been hinting that the longtime nemeses are related for a while now, but season 7 confirms it, revealing that another pair of titular Venture brothers have been hiding in plain sight all along. Horror Inclusion These were callbacks to the show's very first season, rewarding fans with reveals they hadn't even been expecting. It completely depends on the decision of HBO Max overseeing the issue, or regardless, there will be inquiries as for the destiny of the show. Venture Bros Season 8: HBO Max Release. Assuming, though, that The Venture Bros. sticks to its average pace of release, and with season 7 having aired in late 2018, the soonest season 8 could air would be 2020, with 2021 being an even safer bet. The Baby Yoda Question No One Seems to Be Asking — Theories, Have You? @DanielKurlansky, Daniel Kurland is a freelance writer and comedian, who has also produced and directed short films and pilot presentations for network consideration. While in his coma, Hank learns from the Action Man that her name might be Bobbi Saint Simone, which really seems like hint that more will be explained soon. Publick and Hammer are a writers' room unto themselves and had a hand … When she’s not trying to transform her rambling thoughts into written words, Sarah can be found playing SMITE, catching up on her pull list, or escaping through travel documentaries on Netflix. They may not be quite so superpowered, but they have heart, just as human and unapologetically weird as their favorite show. But the Mandalorian has come out clean that the... You have entered an incorrect email address! It was one of the great gifts of my life [and] career. A one-stop shop for all things video games. The Venture Bros. is the brainchild of Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer, and as such, the vast majority of the series is created entirely by them. The series has flirted with the idea that perhaps one of the Venture brothers will turn to the dark side and begin to arch his sibling and perhaps season eight will finally embrace that idea now that the spark has been lit. Venture Bros Season 8: Is It Confirmed For The Next Run? Still, because of this ongoing pandemic, the filming of the season 8 had to stop in between, and this is the reason, the production work is still going on and not completed till today’s date. 2020 could be the most exceedingly terrible year for all humanity as individuals lost their friends and family, the economy slamming, businesses getting disabled, and also the shooting ventures are confronting the wrath of the fatal infection. While season seven wrapped in October 2018, after your umpteenth binge of the episodes you’re likely hungry for any details about where Team Venture and the show’s large web of supporting characters are headed next. He was bitten by the journalism bug while there, serving as Film & TV Editor for the Washington Square News. So it wouldn’t be abnormal if the undertaking is truly thought of and HBO Max secured the chance to carry the eight season to the crowd. When asked directly about the tweet, he replied, "I have no further comment." They also voice a sizable chunk of the cast themselves. The Venture Bros. season 8 is also sure to get into The Monarch's new villain status, the ever-changing politics of the Guild of Calamitous Intent, and what it is they'll do next with Rusty's teleporter. More: The Venture Bros.: Every DC Comics Reference. Apex legends answers request for read all button. The Venture Bros. season 8 is sure to explore the aftermath of this bombshell, but it must also deal with fallout between its original Venture brothers, Hank and Dean. So HBO Max basically needs to demonstrate their faculties to be in present situation on get the arrangement for its eighth season. That is... With the fall of PUBG’s Mobile app for India, both legit and bootleg alternatives have been sprouting all over for it. First, and most importantly, The Venture Bros. season 8 is definitely happening. Sarah Moran has been a Screen Rant contributor since 2014. The Venture Bros.: Every DC Comics Reference, Supernatural Fans Outraged At CW After Spanish Dub Implies Dean Loved Castiel Back, Umbrella Academy: Why Hazel and Cha Cha Don’t Wear Their Original Masks, Jensen Ackles Is Bringing Part of Dean’s Supernatural Costume to The Boys, Aubrey Plaza Calls Viral Jonas Brothers Genderswapped Photo Her Sisters, Grey's Anatomy: What Season The Show Turned Bad In, Will Supergirl's Finale Kill Kara? Now, supposedly you... A resident evil reboot to the movie franchise has been a subject of much debate since the final film released in 2017. This in part thanks to The Venture Bros.'s humor and cultural references, but also because of its detailed world and huge cast of characters. When... Radcliffe Is Open To Return For Harry potter, Reports. He is an English Hollywood actor and producer. We thank you, our amazing fans, for 17 years of your kind (and patient) attention. Its Season 7 finale, which will now have to serve as a series finale, aired way back on Oct. 7, 2018. The Venture Bros. season 8 will similarly explore its characters' pasts, using the revelations of season 7 to shed some light on everything that's happened up until now. This means it's likely to still be some time before season 8 hits the airwaves. The answer is pretty simply, really. Related: How Fallout Pays Homage to The Venture Bros. We can only hope. Accordingly, season eight’s episodes will probably air together and not be broken up. Her most recent assignments for Screen Rant include (but are not limited to): The Flash, Star Wars Rebels, The Walking Dead, and Game of Thrones. Cooper in Pop Culture: 15 Best Movie and TV Moments, MST3K Turkey Day 2020: How to Watch the Marathon This Thanksgiving, The Venture Bros. It seems there's a lot of people saying lately that Hammer and Publick are getting burnt out on The Venture Bros, which makes sense, because in spite of it clearly being a passion project that they both obviously care deeply about they've been at … The fans were, quite simply, the best. The Venture Bros. first premiered on Adult Swim in 2003 and their first full season aired in 2004. However, on September 5, 2020, one of the show's illustrators, Ken Plume, tweeted that the Venture Bros. was among others he would be sorry were cancelled. “We got the highly disappointing news a few months ago, while we were writing what would have been Season 8. Even more importantly, season 8 might be where the show actually reveals the identity of  Hank and Dean's mother. Here are all the details and information that fans want to know regarding their favorite show that is Venture Bros., so scroll down and read all the important dates regarding season 8 of the show. The show’s latest season garnered arguably the greatest acclaim in its history and finally provided answers for some of The Venture Bros.’ longest running questions. Daniel Kurland | Jackson Publick confirmed two days later that the show was cancelled, with season 8 being axed. The Venture Bros. season 7 wrapped up quite a few of the series' long-dangling plot threads, but at the same time, it created even more questions for season 8 to answer. The adult sci-fi cartoon parodied properties like Jonny Quest and the insanity of dragging children around the globe on dangerous missions. The cancellation news would signal the latest in a string of renewal reversals (following truTV’s I’m Sorry and Netflix’s The Society) — though it appears that Adult Swim had never officially announced an eighth-season order. The series was writing credit written by Christopher McCulloch, Doc Hammer, and Ben Edlund.