We invented DAQ starter kits. Project: Automotive Vibration Sensor Application. The string pot displacement sensors measure linear movements using a highly flexible steel cable. Measuring Cases for mobile use in combination with a GRAPHTEC datalogger for the acquisition of measuring signals. Over time, vibrations can increase due to wear and resonance. These sensors are either ATEX & IECEx or CSA approved for use in demanding environments such as gas, dust and mining. Wireless IoT Sensor Solution to measure to monitor indoor environmental quality. It often leads to design considerations to either avoid or accentuate resonant frequencies depending on the application. Intended for non-contact measuring and monitoring of the edges of various objects, such as tapes, plates and substrates. Measure environmental noise with your phone. That is why many operators need to monitor the vibrations of their machines. The Fiber Optic Temperature Sensors use either WLPI or GaAs technology and can be used in a wide range of applications ranging from cryogenic temperature to high temperature up to 350 degrees. (Seismograph) This app uses acceleration sensor to measure vibration or an earthquake, and it shows a reference as a seismic detector. Extend the life of your equipment, obtain the information you need to make data-driven decisions and spend less time on reactive repairs by analyzing information provided by the 3561 FC. Maintenance professionals use the sensors in order to predict the maintenance of the machinery, to reduce overall costs and increase the performance of the machinery. Weldable Strain Gauges are installed by spot welding to metal specimens and have a maximum operating temperature of 800°C (-196 +800C). We are happy to answer any questions you might have.Contact us. The extensive product line is used in a wide range of industries and applications where accuracy and efficiency are key. Cylindrical Load Cells are characterized by their cylindrical shape, and can be produced in many different dimensions. Fujifilm Prescale foils measure pressure, pressure balance and the distribution of the applied pressure. Fiber Optic Sensor technology enables precise measurements to be made in the most challenging applications. Unlike accelerometers, which measure acceleration to determine vibration, proximity probes are noncontacting transducers that measure distance to a target. The Fiber Optic OEM Boards are suited for integration into a system. These sensors have a sensitivity of 100 mV/g and their typical frequency band ranges from 1 Hz to 8000 Hz. Sideload and Moment Rejecting Force Sensors incorporate side load and bending movement rejection. The foil contains an electrically conductive grid. Reaction torque sensors in different structural shapes for your needed application, Rotating torque sensors available with different structural shapes and measuring methods for your needed application. What is more, we can handle the entire vibration measurement process for you – or train your employees on vibration measurement and the VibroMatrix and VibroLine systems. By including sensors in your industrial maintenance and reliability programs, you and your team will have a clear view of asset health and efficiency. Improve noncritical and semicritical asset reliability by monitoring frequencies between 10 hertz (Hz) and 1,000 Hz. Custom designed weighing systems which can handle heavy loads while maintaining mobility. Pressure Transducers and Temperature Sensors for Industrial Applications. Lascar´s simple & low-cost USB dataloggers measure a number of parameters including temperature, humidity, voltage, current, event/count/state and carbon monoxide. Those can be now effortlessly identified without manual measurements or expensive wired equipment to increase machine uptime and extend mean time between failures. MEMS based 1, 2, 3 or 6 axis gyroscopes for industrial and OEM applications, 1, 2 or 3 axis gyroscopes for aerospace applications, High performance Inertial Systems with 6 axis for navigation.