#2 Create a simple, homemade lip scrub with fresh lavender buds to shed dead skin cells. Use Dried Lavender for Crafts. In dry climates, gardeners sometimes place loose lavender stems on a sheet or tablecloth on a deck or driveway, covering blooms with another sheet to keep out debris. You can do this a couple way. Be sure to catch number 4 – it’s my favorite and so clever! This pretty herb has many uses in the home, most of which start with dried lavender. Tastes even better when made with grandchildren. Removing dried lavender buds from stems can be done several ways. That’s it! I am very impressed by the speed of delivery when I ordered on Sunday evening and received the parcel by Canada Post on Tuesday morning. Cecilia recently posted…Color Me Happy – Adding Color Back To The House. The smell of lavender was heavenly even before opening the parcel. Dried Lavender stays preserved for a very long time so you won’t have to worry about rotting. They are sorted by size and bunched approximately 150 stems in each, tied with a bow. Hang bundles upside down to dry in a dark, warm spot. It’s great to open the pillowcase and see all those buds clumped together and off the stem. Thanks for sharing. This method will work great if you have a large batch of lavender and a controlled environment where the flying buds can easily be swept and kept. . This works so good, but does leave some remaining buds stuck inside the stems in the bundle. Flowers dry best—with less chance of mold or mildew—when they’re dry to start. Be sure to catch number 4 – it’s my favorite and so clever! Gallery images © 2014 Lake Front Wedding; Gladys Jem Photography, anitayylai Sun bleaches the color from lavender flowers, so aim to cut them as soon as they’re ready. Use two rubber bands per dried lavender bunch—one just beneath the flower heads and one at the base of stems. Place the end of a stick in an incense holder or a jar of dry sand and light. After flowers are dried, you can harvest lavender buds to use in crafts like potpourri, sachets or soaps. . P.S. Creator of the blog TIDBITS and product lines @tidbitsplanners and @tidbitslinen A little dried lavender goes a long way in this subtle, sumptuous dessert. For our basket full of lavender, my husband and I got to work together and finished it up in no time. I wish I could grow it here but our soil is too heavy and if it’s in a pot, I tend to kill it by overwatering. Great for tea, and lavender sugar cookies! I’m sharing 4 methods for dried lavender bud harvesting and tips for storage. Or two, tap the bundle on the side of the bucket. Don't miss HGTV in your favorite social media feeds. Shake well. You are here: Sign up to get post updates, monthly subscriber only content, and inspiration for do-it-yourself living, How to Remove Dried Lavender Buds from the Stems, Now the really fun part – coming up with creative ways to use your lavender. Home / Natural Living / How to Remove Dried Lavender Buds from the Stems, August 20, 2018 • Clean Living, Natural Living. Admittedly, I’m slightly obsessed with Lavender so I’ve created a whole Pinterest board dedicated to all the ways to use and love lavender. I ask that you respect my work and follow these guidelines. Our flowers have been hand-picked from our fields and stored on drying racks for a number of weeks. Alternatively, collect the lavender buds and use them in pot-pourri, lavender sachets, and other lavender craft projects. Tap into the versatility of lavender by learning ways to use this delightful herb. Use a simple pair of rubber gloves when debudding lavender. Soak the stems in a water/potassium nitrate bath, 1 cup water to 1 tablespoon potassium nitrate, for thirty minutes. If you want to combine the benefits of aromatherapy with taking out some pent up frustrations . Welcome to my blog, TIDBITS! Saves your hands are buds fall off quick, do you have a Gmail account? We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Tie up tightly and toss in the tub as it fills with warm water. Perfect decoration for Autumn! Check out my Lavender inspiration Pinterest board to discover all the creative beauty I have pinned. Simply grind up lavender and add to sugar and a small amount of oil. Learn how to make your own dried lavender bunches and buds. Learn how to dry lavender. DIY Lavender-Infused Oil - An amazing oil to keep handy around the house, lavender oil can be used to ease bug bites, dandruff, dry skin, or just as an all-around calming body oil! Shake it, shake it, shake it up! For a restful night’s sleep, fill up a bag with dried lavender buds (you can also add dried chamomile for a sleep-inducing aroma). Shake and pry off the dried flowers and put them into a small container with any desired amount of plain, white sugar (do a layer of lavender, then a layer of sugar, etc.). Avoid cutting stems on a rainy day. He thoughtfully packaged the long stem Grosso Lavender wrapped with twine and the vibrant blue short stem Royal Velvet in loose bundles. Spruce up your outdoor space with products handpicked by HGTV editors. Let the lavender dry for about a week until there is no moisture remaining on the stems in the center of the bundle. We’ve had an abundance of lavender harvest this year, and I’ve been playing with ideas on what I can do with it. Each flower bud contains essential oil which releases fragrance when rubbed. If you only have a small amount of lavender on hand (or lots of patience), this is your best bet for getting every bud possible. If you plan to make dried lavender bunches, clip lavender flowering stems when blooms are open at the base of the spike or roughly three-quarters of the flowers are open on each stem. Bug Bite Itchy Sticks. With your lavender bound together, you can easily roll it between your hands and the buds just fall off. Nick was exceptional prompt at responding to my inquiry about the variety of dried lavender bundles available. I recommend a large tote where you can get plenty of “wack”. Required fields are marked *. When drying lavender, though, do it in small bunches as larger bunches prevent evaporation and increase the risk of mold formation. Watch the above video to see the bud removal in action! Do not remove any watermark or crop/edit my images in any way, unless given written consent by myself. Bring garden-fresh flavors to the dinner table by cooking with lavender.