Plan ahead and prepare for this fact in advance of your hike. The trail skirts the White Pass Ski Area but you Help keep our trails and parks open during COVID-19 by committing to social distancing. This hike is almost entirely on the Pacific Crest Trail … Bear right into the parking area for the trail, which is the trailhead for this hike. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. So while the fall colors are spectacular, it is very important to keep an eye on the weather forecast and to be thoroughly prepared. This region includes some steep snow slopes that present a real risk of long falls. follows along the east side of Hogback Mountain and is almost You’ll find a variety of adventures offered every weekend, and even some weekdays! Washington’s deep snows persist well into summer. Those with the fortitude for dangerous snow can consider starting a trip in early to mid-July, but June is almost always very early at high elevations. below you. benches where you can relax and enjoy the view of the water. to its trail head. This includes a few different playgrounds, a fish Complete list of supporters, What you should know about fire restrictions, warnings and watches, Honest talk about toilet paper and uncovered feces, The case for carrying a pee rag while hiking, Tips to navigate the start of a thru-hike, Getting to and from the Northern Terminus, Getting to and from the Southern Terminus, Reduce your chance of contracting communicable diseases, Danger from individuals cultivating marijuana, Emergency beacons, lost hikers, trip plans, and search and rescue, Encountering Border Patrol on the Southern Pacific Crest Trail, Bear canister requirements and protecting your food, Stream crossing safety while hiking and backpacking, PCTA Saw Training and Certification Program Documents, Estacada Crosscut Saw Training and Certification, North Cascades Saw Training and Certification, Southern California Saw Training and Certification Weekend, Wind River Saw Training and Certification Weekend, backcountry ski or does other snow sports, flooding rivers that will test your body and risk tolerance, continues north for another 350 trail miles, Guidance for Visiting the PCT During the COVID-19 Pandemic, Commercial permits and special-use authorizations. Fall and winter can also be extremely cold. The PCT, being at the top of the mountains remained blanketed in snow for most of northern California during the heavy snow year of 2017. North from there, if you can get on around Mount McLoughlin, you might find snow-free trail through Luther Mountain in Sky Lakes Wilderness. I had to take a slight detour from the PCT to … It’s not until a good bit after July 4 that conditions are generally summer-like everywhere. A hiker crosses the mountains of southern California on April 21, 2019, during a heavy snow year. Get outdoors, learn a new skill or two, meet new friends and — best of all — make your weekend count! The first winter snowstorms can arrive as early as late-September but typically hit sometime in October, or even as late as November. follows White Rock Lake, and as you’re walking, you’ll get stunning views of 86. Spring, from about late March through May and fall (September, October, and November) are the most popular times to go hiking in Southern California. Bear right and climb back up the 700' peeled for the many bird species that live in and around the lake, including We’ll do some route finding along the way, as the trail to White Rock is only a half-mile off of the PCT, but it’s vaguely marked. At mile 18 begins a long descent to Jackson Meadows Reservoir (6,000′). trail that offers picturesque water views and goes by lots of attractions you North of I-5, the PCT climbs (very hot mid-summer) into the Klamath mountains and cooler temperatures. in a loop around scenic White Rock Lake, providing great views the whole way This page discusses generalized trends and does not fully capture the situation in very dry or snowy years. Check out this. If the goal is Mt. Dog Walkers Near White Rock Lake Park Trail. Following the trail around the east side of the lake brings you If you’re heading out early in the season, be aware that you likely will get to places before trail crews have gone out. Lincoln, Anderson Peak, Tinkers Knob. Snow is challenging and can be dangerous. At about 2.5 miles After enjoying this gem of nature, continue on the trail until you In a normal year, mid-June is generally considered to be an early time to be in the high country. you’re on your trek, and enjoy your day out on this trail! for all ages and levels in the Pacific Northwest. After steep climb, followed by an ascending traverse and a few switchbacks, we’ll reach the summit. If you need a break during your walk, there are plenty of Join us in thanking these generous businesses for their support of the Pacific Crest Trail.