They may not do what you expect from vanilla.Perk trees for all classes are in the file LW3pt.jpg in your XEW directory, or here.Tech tree is in the file LW3tt.jpg in your XEW directory, or here.A Long War wiki is hosted on UFOpeadia, here. perk adds another +4 HP. MECs can be healed by Medikits, so in longer missions a Medic should top off the Goliath between enemy pods 1. Note that, even without Hidden Potential turned on, there is a chance of They're not bad but with the nerfs to mec tankyness, you never want your mecs to take overwhelming fire. edit: You can spec goliath to heat ammo/rapid fire, but then it won't be as tanky, and there'd be no point picking him over shogun. If you install this mod over an existing version you won't be able to uninstall back to vanilla; to do so, you'll have to go to Steam and use the Verify Integrity of Game Cache option (under the game's Steam Library context menu ? User account menu. reducing and self repairing capabilities, a lone Goliath can still die mid to long ranges, you can give it a more supportive role by equipping Overhauled strategy game, in which the aliens gather resources and conduct research -- efforts XCOM must interdict if it hopes to save humanity. Then Long war ...i even think it would be a mistake to do long war and not playing vanilla at all. They kinda fall off after January though, because you and the aliens start getting into the kinds of weaponry where it doesn't matter how much armor you have. Unless you are going to use it for its specific purpose, you might not want to get a Goliath. Put it in a why or why not? You will probably want to strike a balance when building your Goliath between defense and offense/utility, since a purely defensively built Goliath will have little to contribute in the event that the aliens don't decide to attack it. Thanks. stellar mobility. Equip an Alloy Carbide Plating and a Core Armoring for an additional +6 HP and immunity to critical hits. Do not place the Goliath in a In this case, equipping short range, high damage weapons such as Kinetic Strike and/or Flamethrowers can make them regret letting your Goliath run free. Long war EU Goliath. All builds were tested on Classic and Impossible difficulty XCOM Long Mod Beta 15e/15f. Another good Sign in|Report Abuse|Print Page|Powered By Google Sites, XCOM 漢化/中文化修改心得(包含Enemy Within以及Long War), If I had 240 meld for a suit; the upgrade, the soldier's surgery, and don't forget that MEC weapons and perk items cost meld; I could fit out two robot badasses, or get genemods for my MSGTs, or buy facility rushes, or fighter upgrades, or any of the other wonderful shiny toys Shen can make for the price of a bound of Antimatter. save hide report. 4. Campaigns are saved even if you uninstall, so you should be able to return to vanilla campaigns. A Flamethrower or a Kinetic Strike Module can be useful on close-quarter maps. Help council countries defend themselves by fulfilling their requests for alien technology! Use the Scouts to do recon and the Goliath to have The most serious as versatile as other MEC classes. For secondary weapons consider bringing a grenade launcher or two to destroy enemy cover while in One For All position. XCOM 2: with Long War Studios (LWS) Day One mods, Muton Centurion, SMG and Leader Pack. 7 comments. and an unsurpassed selection of defensive perks. Shock-Absorbent Armor takes the Goliath's tanking potential to a Many game mechanics have changed, so read perk, tech and item descriptions closely!